Commit cc104570 authored by Ambrevar's avatar Ambrevar

power-apps: Mention progress.

parent d05f4545
......@@ -428,7 +428,22 @@ My personal listing:
+ *System information:* inxi
+ *System monitors:* Emacs (proced, helm-top), htop, iftop, Iotop, lsof,
NetHogs, PSmisc
NetHogs, progress, PSmisc
- [[][progress]] is very useful to follow the progress of multiple file operations
from multiple programs at once.
I like to add support for Emacs file operations with
export PROGRESS_ARGS="-a emacs"
On Guix, since "emacs" is a shell wrapper, it would be:
export PROGRESS_ARGS="-a .emacs-$(emacs -Q --batch --eval '(message emacs-version)' 2>&1)-real"
+ *Task management:* Emacs (Org-mode)
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