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blog-architecture: Add section on version control

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......@@ -86,6 +86,20 @@ find anything satisfying. There is =ox-rss= in Org-contrib, but it only works
over a single Org file, which does not suit my needs of one file per blog post.
So I went ahead and implemented [[][my own generator]].
* Version control system
I keep the source of my website at, in a [[][Git]] repository.
I cannot stress enough the importance of [[../vcs/][keeping your projects under version
control]] in a /publicly readable repository/:
- It allows not only you but also all visitors to keep track of /all/ changes.
This gives a /guarantee of transparency/ to your readers.
- It makes it trivial for anyone to /clone/ the repository locally: the website
can be read offline in the Org format!
* Personal domain and HTTPS
I previously stressed out the importance of keeping the URL permanents. Which
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