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......@@ -92,6 +92,7 @@ lost in a US political rant. I think it's safe to drop out once reaching there.
**** [[][Internet Access Is Not a Human Right]], by /Vinton G. Cerf/ :security:social:internet:politic:freedom:
**** [[][Edward Snowden: Here's how we take back the Internet]] :video:freedom:internet:politic:
**** [[][Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters]] :video:politic:internet:
**** [[][Permanent Record]], by Edward Snowden :politic:internet:book:
**** [[][Andy Yen: Think your email's private? Think again]] :security:email:video:
**** [[][Surveillance Self-Defense]] :security:internet:
***** [[][How to Make a Super-Secure Password Using Dice]] :security:internet:cryptography:
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