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blog-architecture: Add future development

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......@@ -223,6 +223,26 @@ has to be thought of beforehand.
to stick to the initial names to keep the file-URL association as
straightforward as possible.
* Future development
There are more features I'd like to add to my homepage. Ideally, I'd rather
stick to free software, limit external resources (i.e. avoid depending on
external Javascript), keep code and data under my control.
Implementation suggestions and other ideas are more than welcome!
- Comment system. :: Disqus is non-free, [[][Juvia]] looks good but it's unmaintained,
[[][hashover]] seems to be one of the nicest options. I'm also particularly
interested in the [[][Webmention]] W3C recommendation. For now I simplly rely on
the [[][GitLab issue page]].
- Statistics and analytics. :: [[][Matomo]] looks interesting. I'd need to set it up
on a server.
- Tags and ubiquitous fuzzy-search. :: I'd like to add a universal search bar
with tag support so that the complete website can be fuzzy-searched and
filtered by tags.
* Other publishing systems
- [[][Frog]] is a blog generator written in [[][Racket]]. While it may be one of the best
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