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......@@ -234,6 +234,27 @@ In S03E06, /Bachmanity Insanity/, we get of the GitHub account of Winnie. The
creators of the show did create an account on the real website:
** Mr. Robot
The TV show is mostly accurate when it comes to cybersecurity. There are some
goofs however.
- I don't think any serious hacker would consider a CD as a reliable,
long-lasting backup medium. Burned CDs typically don't last much longer than
a decade before wearing off.
- In season 1 (which episode again?) we get a glimpse at a security report: an
"hexadecimal" checksum displays random characters out of the entire latin
alphabet (off the top of my head, there was an "s" at least). Hexadecimal, as
the name implies, in made of 16 characters which are "0123456789abcdef".
- It's not clear why Elliot wipes out chipsets in the microwave. Unless he does
not use real-life hardware, those components don't contain data and thus there
should be no need to wipe them.
I've spotted a few more missteps while watching the first season a while back
but that's all I can remember now off the top of my head.
* Trivia
- [[][Why did they name the movie “Blade Runner”?]]
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