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index: Mention specific projects in introduction

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#+HTML_HEAD_EXTRA: <link href="rss.xml" type="application/rss+xml" rel="alternate" title="Pierre Neidhardt's homepage">
#+HTML_HEAD_EXTRA: <link href="" rel="canonical">
A collection of articles and projects around computer science, psychology and
other frivolities.
I'm a programmer and free software advocate.
My homepage gathers a collection of articles and projects I'm working on.
Computer related topics tend to revolve around operating systems, languages,
algorithms and computer graphics. And Emacs.
I'm mostly interested in computer science, political science, traveling,
psychology, movies and other frivolities.
In the computing area, I'm mostly focused on operating systems, languages,
security and computer graphics. And Emacs.
Nowadays I'm mostly busy with:
- the Lisp programming languages,
- the [[][Emacs]] environment,
- the [[][Guix]] operating system,
- secure communications,
- the decentralized Internet.
* Website source & contributing
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