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......@@ -100,17 +100,20 @@ applications, e.g. `ranger`.
#### File browsers: Emacs (dired, etc.), ranger, Vifm
* `ranger` is very configurable and extensible. It previews any kind of file in
the way you want. It can run an arbitrary command on any file selection. It can
append a file selection or a copy list to another. It can create hardlinks
recursively in one keypress. It remembers your selections in every folder.
Killer-feature: it uses your favorite text editor to batch-rename recursively.
the way you want. It can run an arbitrary command on any file selection and it
remembers the selection in every folder. It can run various powerful commands
conveniently, such as recursive hardlink creation or batch-renaming.
#### File synchronization: hsync, rsync
* Read the documentation carefully. `rsync` has a lot of useful options, like
`--append-verify`, `--progress` and `--size-only`.
#### Finders: ff, fzf, tre
#### Finders: fzf, tre
* `fzf` puts any shell on steroids. To such an extent it can replace any file
browser with no hesitation. It allows you to fuzzy-find anything: files, folders
to cd into, command history, folder history, completion...
* `tre` has `agrep`.
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