Commit 1f919a50 authored by Pierre Neidhardt's avatar Pierre Neidhardt

publish.el: Fix namespace

parent 58b6bccd
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ date only if they differ."
org-html-validation-link nil
org-html-doctype "html5")
(defun org-publish-sitemap-ambrevar (title list)
(defun ambrevar/org-publish-sitemap (title list)
"Ambrevar's site map, as a string.
See `org-publish-sitemap-default'. "
;; Remove index and non articles.
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ See `org-publish-sitemap-default'. "
(org-list-to-org list)))
(defun org-publish-sitemap-ambrevar-entry (entry style project)
(defun ambrevar/org-publish-sitemap-entry (entry style project)
"Custom format for site map ENTRY, as a string.
See `org-publish-sitemap-default-entry'."
(cond ((not (directory-name-p entry))
......@@ -186,13 +186,13 @@ See `org-publish-sitemap-default-entry'."
:recursive t
:publishing-function '(org-html-publish-to-html)
:publishing-directory "./public/" ; TODO: Set dir relative to root so that we can use "C-c C-e P".
:sitemap-format-entry #'org-publish-sitemap-ambrevar-entry
:sitemap-format-entry #'ambrevar/org-publish-sitemap-entry
:auto-sitemap t
:sitemap-title "Articles"
:sitemap-filename ""
;; :sitemap-file-entry-format "%d *%t*"
:sitemap-style 'list
:sitemap-function #'org-publish-sitemap-ambrevar
:sitemap-function #'ambrevar/org-publish-sitemap
;; :sitemap-ignore-case t
:sitemap-sort-files 'anti-chronologically
:html-head-include-default-style nil
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