Unverified Commit faef38a5 authored by Sune Keller's avatar Sune Keller 🐳

Proceed to counting tasks straight away

Signed-off-by: Sune Keller's avatarSune Keller <absukl@almbrand.dk>
parent e6389bd0
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......@@ -427,14 +427,13 @@ func check(ctx statusContextType) bool {
defer ctx.mu.Unlock()
for _, name := range ctx.serviceNames {
// Inspect service to get UpdateStatus
// Inspect service to get current spec
service := mustInspectService(name)
if _, exists := ctx.updating[name]; !exists {
ctx.updating[name] = struct{}{}
"service": name,
}).Info("Service create started (must be new since no UpdateStatus)")
}).Info("Service create started")
currentTasks, err := dockerCLI.TaskList(context.Background(), types.TaskListOptions{
Filters: filters.NewArgs(filters.Arg("name", fmt.Sprintf("%s.", name))),
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