Commit 11c8a215 authored by Øyvind Evju's avatar Øyvind Evju

Merge branch 'json-datetime-serialization' into 'dev'

Enable datetime serialization in json encoder

See merge request !255
parents ee0af9e0 7b57aba6
......@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ import os
import sys
import logging
import time
import datetime
DEFAULT_STATIC_FILE = "index.html"
REWRITES = {"docs/": "docs/index.html", "docs": "docs/index.html"}
......@@ -95,11 +97,19 @@ def serve_static(path=None):
api = Api(app)
class DateTimeEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
def default(self, o):
if isinstance(o, datetime.datetime):
return o.isoformat()
return super().default(self, o)
# Turn off caching for whole API
def output_json(data, code, headers=None):
"""Makes a Flask response with a JSON encoded body"""
resp = make_response(json.dumps(data), code)
resp = make_response(json.dumps(data, cls=DateTimeEncoder), code)
resp.headers.extend(headers or {})
if "Cache-Control" not in resp.headers:
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