Commit 74b05bde authored by Duhoux Pierre-Louis's avatar Duhoux Pierre-Louis

Fix mirror icon not visible on Firefox

parent 17f2535a
......@@ -1165,7 +1165,7 @@
"description": "Description of the popup displayed first time reader is shown"
"reader_firsttime_but_longstrip": {
"message": "Je veux voir tout le chapitre",
"message": "Voir tout le chapitre",
"description": "First time, a popup is shown with two choices, button to choose a long strip"
"reader_firsttime_but_single": {
......@@ -12,7 +12,14 @@ class HandleMisc {
return Promise.resolve();
case "mirrorInfos":
let mirror = store.state.mirrors.all.find(mir => mir.mirrorName ===
return Promise.resolve(mirror);
return Promise.resolve({ // can't send a vuex object through js instances on Firefox --> convert
activated: mirror.activated,
home: mirror.home,
languages: mirror.languages,
mirrorIcon: mirror.mirrorIcon,
mirrorName: mirror.mirrorName
......@@ -65,11 +65,13 @@
<div class="headline">
<v-tooltip bottom>
<a slot="activator" :href="mirrorDesc.home" v-if="mirrorDesc !== null" target="_blank">
<!-- Mirror icon -->
<img :src="mirrorDesc.mirrorIcon" ma-1 />
<v-tooltip bottom>
<!-- Manga name -->
<a slot="activator" :href="manga.currentMangaURL" target="_blank">{{}}</a>
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