Commit 1f0a8995 authored by Shudrum's avatar Shudrum

[-] FO Fix #PNM-3160 : Wrong rights used when cache active.

parent c03ffba8
......@@ -2053,7 +2053,10 @@ abstract class ModuleCore
if (Shop::isFeatureActive())
$cache_array[] = (int)$this->context->shop->id;
if (Group::isFeatureActive())
$cache_array[] = (int)Group::getCurrent()->id;
$cache_array[] = implode('_', Customer::getGroupsStatic($this->context->customer->id));
if (Language::isMultiLanguageActivated())
$cache_array[] = (int)$this->context->language->id;
if (Currency::isMultiCurrencyActivated())
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