Commit c7c3d075 authored by vAugagneur's avatar vAugagneur

//small fix when enter number in name when install prestashop

parent 4b6b1016
......@@ -75,10 +75,10 @@ class InstallControllerHttpConfigure extends InstallControllerHttp
$this->errors['shop_name'] = $this->l('Invalid shop name');
// Check admin name
if ($this->session->admin_firstname && !Validate::isGenericName($this->session->admin_firstname))
if ($this->session->admin_firstname && !Validate::isName($this->session->admin_firstname))
$this->errors['admin_firstname'] = $this->l('Your firstname contains some invalid characters');
if ($this->session->admin_lastname && !Validate::isGenericName($this->session->admin_lastname))
if ($this->session->admin_lastname && !Validate::isName($this->session->admin_lastname))
$this->errors['admin_lastname'] = $this->l('Your lastname contains some invalid characters');
// Check passwords
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