Commit 5cc1cfbf authored by vAugagneur's avatar vAugagneur

[-] INSTALLER : fixed bug #PSCFV-4809

parent a5134136
......@@ -644,7 +644,7 @@ class InstallXmlLoader
$from_path = $this->img_path.'t/';
$dst_path = _PS_IMG_DIR_.'t/';
if (file_exists($from_path.$data['class_name'].'.gif'))
if (file_exists($from_path.$data['class_name'].'.gif') && !file_exists($dst_path.$data['class_name'].'.gif'))//test if file exist in install dir and if do not exist in dest folder.
if (!@copy($from_path.$data['class_name'].'.gif', $dst_path.$data['class_name'].'.gif'))
$this->setError($this->language->l('Cannot create image "%1$s" for entity "%2$s"', $identifier, 'tab'));
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