Commit 6153b9f8 authored by alexm98's avatar alexm98

Modified the Slave command, still not running properly, should send it

the user's nickname as context
parent 62d76ced
// not done, needs to somehow get the user that sends the message.
class Slave{
public $user;
class Slave implements Command{
private $user;
public function __construct($user = false){
$this->user = $user;
// Not implemented
public function run($channel){
$response = '';
if($user == $configs['master'])
/* $response = '';
$config = require('config.php');
if($user == $config['master'])
fputs($context[0],"PRIVMSG ".$context[1]." :Yes master! \n");
fputs($context[0],"PRIVMSG ".$context[1]." :get lost ".$user."\n");
$conn = Connection::getInstance();
$conn->SendData($channel,'Get lost: '.$output->result);
$conn->SendData($channel,'Get lost: '.$this->user); */
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