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Unverified Commit fadaa5ac authored by Alex Lai's avatar Alex Lai 😊
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minor(story_about_security_E1): add take-home questions.

parent e64a4986
title: "story about security: public key secret key, encrypt decrypt"
title: "story about security E1: public key secret key, encrypt decrypt"
date: 2020-04-08
lastmod: 2020-04-08
draft: false
......@@ -245,3 +245,20 @@ summary: "What is public v.s. private keys, encryption v.s. decryption ? Here's
But how was Bob sure that the message was from Alice ?
The Alice Bob knew was not like that. (well, they only met once)
It was possible that someone tampered the message.
That must be it!
What indeed happened ?
next episode(incoming): "story about security E2: sign ↔ verify"
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