Verified Commit 276ba9ea authored by Göran Weinholt's avatar Göran Weinholt
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Increase program table size from 16 to 128

Philipp Kern reported in 2010 that his DVB-C provider had 40 programs,
so this increases the program table size from 16 to 128.

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......@@ -1045,7 +1045,7 @@ static int vbi_dvb_open(struct vbi *vbi, const char *vbi_name, const char *progn
u_int8_t txttype;
u_int8_t txtmagazine;
u_int8_t txtpage;
} progtbl[16], *progp;
} progtbl[128], *progp;
u_int8_t tbl[4096];
int r;
unsigned int i, j, k, l, progcnt = 0;
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