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  • 3093
    f4ad628d · Update Hud ·
    Release 3093




    • Rework my OTA/recovery changes for more reliable install and boot
    • Add extra logging in recovery, now many more useful logs can be found in maps/logs folder
    • Add lots of Bluetooth logging in debug builds
    • Reduce the size of the system partition, ensure it fits reliable
    • Fixes and improvements to the Diagnostics Report from display, now if report can't be automatically sent the details can be copied from maps usb flash drive in snapshot folder.



  • 3092
    8746c101 · Update Hud to 3092-2-rom ·
    Release 3092


    • Update to HERE_sdk_v3.13.3_105
    • New OTA system improvements, Hud app updates more reliable.
    • Recovery system rebuilt from the ground up, can handle updates from zip coped to maps drive in updates folder
    • Add variant to build with 3080 Here SDK, can switch to this by editing maps drive current_hud.txt, change from Hud.current.rom.apk to Hud.legacy.rom.apk
    • Allow setting "persist.sys.map_fps" = 0 to disable fps limiter on maps
    • Set initial geoPosition at startup quickly from gps listener
    • Send log files to /maps/logs
    • Don't try to record too much obd if ! isUserBuild
    • Reduce the number of visible map layers
    • Update the OBD pid scan profiles, higher update rates for speed, rpm and boost.
    • Always start system regardless of working keys
    • Location: always feed phone location before gps has started.
    • Poll PositioningManager for valid location during NoLocationView
    • Workaround null pointer exception on hereLocationFixManager.addMarkers
    • Clean up unused language menu code
    • Fix a NullPointerException in Glance title parsing
    • Try to clean up RAW GPS systray readout
    • Revert "Enforce a single handler thread for GpsDeadReckoningManager"
    • Here SDK: worker thread enable per-version config.
    • Here Position: override listener code, no real changes.
    • Ignore (obsolete) MWConfig
    • Update usage of deprecated Here API functions
    • Add nano command line editor to rom
    • Update gps XTRA configuration



  • 3091
    36c4be94 · Update to 3091 ·
    Release 3091
  • 3090
    Release 3090
  • 3089
    32d12d17 · Update Hud for 3089 ·
    Release 3089
  • 3088
    52fcfe85 · Update Hud & Obd to 3088 ·
    Release 3088
    • RemoteOBD functionality added for first time since before 3080.
      • Speed (from gps) still works while remote obd active unlike older versions. Other obd functions are stopped while remote is in use.
    • obd_profile.yaml usage fixed, any errors in file should be reported in new obd_profile_error.txt file
    • Multiple fixes to NavdyPreferences framework, fixes a number of settings that were lost after reboot and resolves memory leak crashes.
    • map_scheme.yaml parsing fixed, route colours can now be customised if desired.
    • Show petrol (gas) station poi's on map, can be disabled in map options.
    • Added a setting in map options to toggle visibility of traffic/speed cameras.
    • Fixed occasional crash when opening system info screen
    • Fixed occasional crash from re-route updates
    • Fixed rare issues in cpu load monitoring
    • Broad updates to dexpatcher build system, making it easier for developers to work on the Hud codebase.


  • 3087
    e7fd207e · Update Hud for 3087 ·
    Release 3087
    • SystemInfo: Add map version and update available.
    • Triple click power button to send diagnostic report
    • Workaround issue with map zoom when viewing alternate routes
    • Add support for downloading map voice languages from here-api.
    • Clean up error reported in phone number parsing for "not a number"
    • Fix errors in string formatting in Russian and Japaneses translations.
    • Catch and log errors in MainThreadBus.register()
    • When gps debug is enabled, give show both source and type of location on the home screen.
    • Fixes to startup waiting for gps view; background monitor for position, allow swipe to hide if needed
    • Fix crash from HereMapsConfigurator.updateMapsConfig()
    • Fix crash from GestureVideosSyncService


  • 3086
    5ac6ad40 · Update modules for 3086 ·
    Release 3086
    • Improve mechanisms for hiding the "Finding Location" startup screen.
    • Fix generic notification parsing on iOS / older android app
    • Fix startup location from phone: work around Here mock gps issue with providers
    • Prevent accidentally showing drive score widget when not in map mode.


  • 3085
    54d2ad39 · Update tools ·
    Release 3085
    • Upgrade Here-SDK to v3.12.4_88
    • Add active route colour support to custom map scheme engine, change default to same cyan/blue as bottom direction arrow icons.
    • Community language contributions: Japanese, Russian, Norwegian, Chinese (Traditional) and improvements to French and German
    • Notification glances from Android phone app v3.6 greatly improved in shown details
    • New installers for Mac, there's now real apps to run to update / reset the display!
    • Increase startup/WelcomeScreen timeouts.
    • Hide maps drive score widget while starting up so it doesn't overlay with "Finding Location" message in some languages.
    • In menu, show system info entry on bottom (easy to scroll to quickly)
    • Fix a number of corrupted characters/symbols in strings
    • Improvements to settings framework


  • 3084
    8543506c · Update Hud to new 3084 ·
    Release 3084
    • Fix OBD data connection and parsing
    • Fix Music glance timeouts
    • Update HudLocale, migrate set and getCurrentLocale to NavdyPreferences
    • Fix configuration of dash widgets
    • Enable traffic widget by default


  • 3083
    5123b70b · Update to 3083 ·
    Release 3083
    • Add yaml based local settings in maps/settings folder. Migrate most user related settings here.
    • Fix Dash / gauge configuration crash
    • Workaround any log missing context in HudLocale
    • Rebase 3082 changes without and map related files


  • 3082
    Release 3082
    • Update CrashReporter to use my Hockeyapp account
    • Fix dexpatcher crash in brightness control
    • Work on fix to iOS music glances
    • Re-add new dash gauges: Ambient Temperature, Engine Oil Temperature & Intake Pressure


  • 3081
    354fa681 · CI: script fixes ·
    Release 3081

    First new release built from scratch on 3080.
    Uses DexPatcher to apply new features rather than previous bulk decompilation.

    Features added to 3080:

    • Always allow switching to tacho mode in smart dash
    • Add dial triple click to switch between maps and dash views
    • Music: when new track starts always clear the previous track artwork before the glance appears, then fade from black to new artwork
    • Fix Spotify Album Art off-by-one error
    • Only clear the album art if the album name is changed also when track changes
    • Add option for previously change to fade music glance art in from black. Enabled by default, set via persist.sys.music_glance_fade_black
    • Improved Dutch language support thanks to u/mamromer
    • Traffic Widget: give it a name, added more traffic details to incidents
    • Add report to gitlab feature (5 clicks on dial)
    • Get offline maps version/region info from the SDK, ignore any custom json files
    • Add my upgraded maps scheme engine, using map_scheme.yml file to edit colours used.
    • Add the ability to override map labels + driving instructions language
    • Map: Show icons for "safety" cameras on map
    • Patch Localytics out of AnalyticsSupport
    • Init gps in background to not block main thread at startup
    • Fix bug in ObdCanBusRecordingPolicy caused by iterating over null list

    Note: This release does not yet include any OBD related changes from my previous releases. These will be ported back in over the coming releases.
    It still uses the same Here SDK version as 3080 to avoid update incompatibilities for now. This supports v5 map packs as available via direct download method detailed in the wiki.


  • 3080
    Release 3080

    New copy of official Navdy firmware 3080 (engineering development build)

    This install pack has the 3080 system unmodified from navdy original. The boot image has had minimal modifications to bypass selinux boot permissions issues from the backup process which should not affect system running at all.

    Updates since 3049 (previous navdy beta release) as determined from decompiled code comparisons

    • New Audio Messages from display to phone, appears to use "Phonetic Text To Speech":   
    • Some changes in display <-> phone bluetooth connection code.
    • Extra bits of error handling throughout codebase
    • Updated HERE SDK to v3.5
    • Multiple updates to map view; show ETA, drive score, clock, option to always show speed limit, etc
    • Add limit to how often reroutes are triggered (15 seconds)
    • Changes to how multiple route options are compared
    • New High G Detector
    • Updates to Shutdown Monitor relating to shutdown triggers

    NOTE: This pack does not include any of my unofficial firmware feature additions

    Engineering build:

  • 3061
    Release 3061
    • Fix HERE sdk keys to restore traffic and navigation
    • Here SDK updated to
    • Add new dash gauges: Ambient Temperature, Engine Oil Temperature & Intake Pressure
    • All code now built in Gitlab CI

    As with the last couple of releases, there is a separate firmware pack below for people who have issues with car communication.
    If you have problems with navdy not turning on/off with the car, or some/all gauges are not working as expected, please try the navdy-display-alelec-3061-4209a67-oobd pack below.
    This has the same main Hud app as the other (with all the fixes above) but reverts the Obd service to the original 3049 version without any of my recompiling or mods.

    Release build:

    Debug build:

    Orig Obd Build:

  • 3060
    37f87fa7 · Update Hud ·
    Release 3060
    • Location proxied from phone works again (Here SDK broke it). This should resolve the map freeze at power on, or freezing occasionally while driving.
    • Music glance timeout should now be consistent
    • Here SDK updated to 3.9 (with new freemium api keys)

    This rom now has easier apk updates for developers. If you build a copy of the Obd or Hud apk's from their respective git repo's you can just drop it onto the display when plugged into pc as a usb flash drive. The updated apk will be used from then on. If there's problems, simply delete it off the flash drive and the display will revert to the rom that was last flashed on.

    As with 3059, there is a separate firmware pack below for people who have issues with car communication.
    If you have problems with navdy not turning on/off with the car, or some/all gauges are not working as expected, please try the navdy-display-alelec-3059-db94ea4-oobd pack below.
    This has the same main Hud app as the other (with all the fixes above) but reverts the Obd service to the original 3049 version without any of my recompiling or mods.

    Release build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3060-37f87fa.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=11410963190603879282

    Orig Obd Build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3060-37f87fa-oobd.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=11410963190603879280

  • 3059
    Release 3059

    Bug fixes release!

    • Fixed the small navigation progress bar in maps view

    • Fixes to contacts manager, this resolves the crash during phone calls & sms.

    • Fixed the user profile image at startup (if you've got one set via the phone app)

    • Contacts in the menu now display the phone number as subtitle then the number isn't labelled as work etc.

    • Fixes to the Recent Calls menu, this basically wasn't working at all for me beforehand

    • Separate firmware pack below for people who have issues with car communication.
      If you have problems with navdy not turning on/off with the car, or some/all gauges are not working as expected, please try the navdy-display-alelec-3059-db94ea4-oobd pack below.
      This has the same main Hud app as the other (with all the fixes above) but reverts the Obd service to the original 3049 version without any of my recompiling or mods.

    Release build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3059-db94ea4.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=11410932744536990957

    Orig Obd Build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3059-db94ea4-oobd.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=11410932744536990958

  • 3058
    f2f3992f · Updated permissions ·
    Release 3058
    • Full customisation of maps colour scheme now possible: plug display into PC as usb drive and open the file map_scheme.yml with a decent text editor. Hopefully the existing schemes are a decent example of where to start. Here's a list of all the elements that can be customised: https://developer.here.com/documentation/android-premium/api_reference_java/com/here/android/mpa/mapping/customization/class-use/SchemeColorProperty.html

    • Update Here SDK to http://documentation.developer.here.com/pdf/maps_android_nlp_hybrid_plus/3.8/HERE%20Android%20SDK%20Premium%20Edition%20v3.8%20Release%20Notes.pdf Turns out 3.9 has just been released... we'll get to that in our next release!

    • Use updated okhttp3 library for low level java http handler, this should hopefully make some of the network communications behind the scenes more reliable

    • Improvements to the manual diagnostics reporting function. Still uses 5 clicks of the dial to send. These now get sent to gitlab with more useful data for diagnosing issues. You should also get an email back on the same address used when you configured the navdy display, this email will allow you to continue a conversation regarding the ticket.

    • Fixed the maps version readout in the system info screen.

    • Remove obsolete here maps MWConfig which has been causing a lot of maps update failures for users (thanks u/wanderabyss)

    • Overhauled the windows driver installation, flash and factory reset scripts. Now driver installation is a one-click batch file and the other flash/reset scripts should be much more reliable.

    Release build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3058-f2f3992.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904029528

    Debug Build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3058-f2f3992-debug.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904029529

  • 3057
    c404f140 · Update Hud to 1.9.3057 ·
    Release 3057
    • 5 clicks on dial brings up snapshot screen, this now sends an issue report to our hockeyapp page so we can get more detailed information to chase down problems. It sends a screenshot (what's on screen when you click), a system log, a copy of settings.txt and basic information about the type/brand of phone connected (apple/android etc, nothing personal). This is sent along with your email so we can follow up on the issue being reported.
    • by request, I added an option to settings.txt to disable the music glance artwork fade from black added in 3056: persist.sys.music_glance_fade_black. The fade from black is still enabled by default. ​

    First firmware rom contributions from: u/EdwXD !!!

    • Added the ability to override map labels + driving instructions language in settings.txt: persist.sys.override_locale. This forces the shown place & road names to the language specified
    • Fixed a bunch of music glance artwork issues, specifically on iOS. ​

    And some more improvements from u/wanderabyss who's sadly had his display broken...waiting on replacement

    • Improvements to the traffic display widget, showing more detailed information about the incident
    • Updated maps colours, let us know what you think!
    • Clean up the GPS detail display in system info.

    Release build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3057-c404f14.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262903995973

    Debug Build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3057-c404f14-debug.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262903995974

  • 3056
    Release 3056
    • Maps scheme has been customised slightly to lighten up the roads for improved visibility.
    • Music glance images are cleared and fade in from black on new track
    • Fix issues where Dash widgets could not be enabled/disabled
    • Fix the name on the Traffic Widget in Dash Settings
    • Diagnostic data snapshots (now 5 clicks on dial) are now stored on USB drive for manual access from pc.
    • Triple click to switch dash/maps should now stick correctly, bug where it would revert view is sorted
    • Hud version number now shows correctly in phone apps.
    • Firmware packs include script to perform Factory Reset on display. This is run the same way as the Flash script, plugging display into USB with power button held down.

    Thanks to u/wanderabyss for some big contributions:

    • Cleaned up a lot of code, should mop up a bunch of little bugs and also found some advanced settings to enable.
    • Stripped out user tracking that Navdy was doing via "Localytics". User's usage and location is now private.
    • In System Info the GPS now shows a lot of extra info.
    • 4 clicks of dial now shows brightness control
    • Fixed some background network issues, hopefully maps/traffic updates should be more reliable now.

    Release build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3056-fbf2d6f.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=3700668719832236811

    Debug Build:
    navdy-display-alelec-3056-fbf2d6f-debug.zip : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=3700668719832236812