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  1. 30 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  2. 25 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      docs: Add DKIM setup instructions · d53c1d2b
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch adds some basic instructions to the documentation on how to
      set up DKIM, using the tools supported by the example hook.
      It's not meant to be a full DKIM how-to, but to help someone who already
      knows enough, or who is complementing it with a more general purpose
      DKIM guide.
  3. 21 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      hooks: Add dkimpy support · 270a071c
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch adds support in the default hook for using dkimpy for DKIM
      Unfortunately, dkimpy binaries have the same name as driusan/dkim's, so
      we need to use --help to disambiguate. It's not pretty but it should
      work, and is quite self contained.
      Also, for the integration tests, we still need driusan/dkim because
      dkimpy lacks the features needed. Specifically, dkimpy's dkimverify
      can't be made to use custom DNS, or override the TXT values in any way,
      so we can't verify that the generated signature is reasonable.
      Thanks to ne9z@github for suggesting this change and providing an
      alternative patch in
  4. 14 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      test: Skip integration tests if $HOSTALIASES is not functional · d78056af
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      Most integration tests depend on the $HOSTALIASES environment variable
      being functional. That variable works on most systems, but not all. In
      particular, systems with `systemd-resolved` can cause the variable to be
      This was reported by Alex Ellwein in
      This patch makes the affected tests to be skipped if $HOSTALIASES is not
      working properly. It also removes unnecessary hosts files from tests
      which don't need it, and documents this behaviour.
      Thanks to Alex Ellwein and foxcpp@ for reporting and helping investigate
      this issue!
  5. 08 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  6. 25 Jun, 2021 1 commit
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      mda-lmtp: Add -to_puny, to punycode-encode addresses · 8f1f943f
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      Some LMTP servers (like dovecot) can't handle UTF8 addresses in the LMTP
      commands. This can be problematic if we want to use them with UTF8
      domains or usernames, which are well supported by chasquid.
      To help workaround this issue, this patch adds a new -to_puny flag for
      mda-lmtp, that makes it encode `from` and `recipient` in punycode.
      That way, the server will get punycode-encoded (ASCII) strings in the
      LTMP commands.
      This can be particularly convenient when the recipients are ASCII
      (because they're under the mail server control), but `from` may not be
      (because it comes from the network).
  7. 11 Jun, 2021 7 commits
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      trace: Remove restriction on tracing pages · f137702f
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      By default, currently only allows the tracing
      pages to be seen from localhost.
      This restriction can be confusing for people accessing the monitoring
      server remotely, and adds no value in our environment.
      The monitoring server already exports very sensitive information, and
      must be enabled with care, and is not on by default. This is well
      This patch removes the restriction, making all the monitoring pages
      equally accessible.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      auth: Allow users without a domain · cfe0e48c
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      Some deployments already have users that authenticate without a domain.
      Today, we refuse to even consider those, and reject them at parsing time.
      However, it is a use-case worth supporting, at least with some
      restrictions that make the complexity manageable.
      This patch changes the auth package to support authenticating users
      without an "@domaiN" part.
      Those requests will always be directly passed on to the fallback
      authenticator, if available.
      The dovecot fallback authenticator can already handle this case just fine.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      expvarom: Use `application/openmetrics-text` as content type · 099e2e22
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      The openmetrics proposed standard says we should use the
      `application/openmetrics-text` content type when exporting the metrics.
      Currently we use `text/plain` for backwards compatibility with
      Prometheus, but the new content type is apparently supported since 2018,
      so it should be safe to update to match the current proposed standard.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      smtpsrv: Reject HTTP commands · 8c8e64dc
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      To help with defense-in-depth on cross-protocol attacks (e.g., this patch makes chasquid reject HTTP
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      smtpsrv: Close the connection after 3 errors (lowering from 10) · 85305f4b
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      Today, we close the connection after 10 errors. While this is fine for
      normal use, it is unnecessarily large.
      Lowering it to 3 helps with defense-in-depth for cross-protocol attacks
      (e.g., while still being large enough for
      useful troubleshooting and normal operation.
      As part of this change, we also remove the AUTH-specific failures limit,
      because they're covered by the connection limit.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      smtpsrv: Quote unknown commands for debugging · 44eb0b90
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      When we receive unknown commands, we use the first 6 bytes for
      troubleshooting (e.g. put them in traces and exported metrics).
      While this is safe, since the different places know how to quote them
      properly, it makes things more difficult to analyse, since it's not
      uncommon to see be binary blobs.
      This patch makes us use the ascii-quoted version instead, to make things
      easier to analyze.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      modules: Add missing sum · 27f4356f
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch adds a missing sum, that is used by the
      coverage view generator, so it was missed in the last general update.
  8. 06 Jun, 2021 1 commit
  9. 05 Jun, 2021 1 commit
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      trace: Use request tracing in auth and domaininfo · b9f147fa
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch adds tracing for the auth and domaininfo modules. In the
      latter, we replace the long-running event with the short-term request
      tracing, which is more practical and useful.
      There are no logic changes, it only adds tracing instrumentation to help
  10. 31 May, 2021 3 commits
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      docs: v1.7 release notes · a3685439
      Alberto Bertogli authored
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      cirrus: Remove Linux tests · 61245eec
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      The Linux tests under the Cirrus CI are currently brittle due to
      environmental issues. They're also redundant, since Linux testing is
      much better covered by the GitLab CI tests.
      So this patch removes them, which removes the false positives and speeds
      up the Cirrus CI runs.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      modules: Update Go modules and regenerate protobufs · fb680336
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch does a general pass updating Go modules to recent versions,
      and regenerates the protobufs accordingly.
      The main purpose is to make sure people building from source are using
      relatively recent versions of our dependencies.
      We also regenerate protobufs since the newer versions of the liberaries
      have a much cleaner dependency tree, which speeds up fetches.
  11. 29 May, 2021 1 commit
  12. 24 May, 2021 3 commits
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      dovecot: Retry auto-detect until we find a usable socket pair · fa651e74
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      Currently, chasquid attempts to auto-detect dovecot sockets when
      starting up (if needed). If autodetection fails, chasquid emits an
      error, continues serving, and never tries again.
      This can be problematic if chasquid starts up before dovecot, and at the
      time the dovecot sockets are not present (e.g. after a reboot). In that
      case, chasquid will not use dovecot for authentication even after
      dovecot has started.
      This patch changes the autodetect logic, by doing autodetection at
      startup and on each request, until we find a working pair of sockets.
      Once we do, they're used consistently.
      That way, if dovecot is not ready when chasquid starts, it's not a
      problem and chasquid will start using dovecot once it becomes available.
      Thanks to Thor77 ( for reporting and helping
      troubleshoot this issue.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      docs: Add known issue about dkimsign and post-data hook · 84e6c066
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      There's a known issue in versions 0.07 to 1.5 where the post-data hook
      invocation can fail if the dkimsign binary exists, due to a bug in the
      post-data hook check.
      This was fixed by commit b6248f30, but it is found on occasion since the
      current Debian stable ships 0.07, and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ships 1.2.
      So this patch adds it to the known issues list.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      docs: Add a page for known issues · b1a4b0ce
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      It's common that people running old releases (for example, because of
      their Linux distribution version) run into issues that have already been
      It can be convenient to have a list of the most common known issues and,
      when available, their workarounds.
      This patch creates the documentation page for them, currently empty. It
      will be filled in subsequent patches.
  13. 23 May, 2021 1 commit
  14. 15 Mar, 2021 1 commit
  15. 23 Feb, 2021 1 commit
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      docker: Set the hostname option unconditionally · 607ea440
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      In commit 5305d584 we fixed an issue with the way the Docker image
      adds the "hostname" option to chasquid.conf.
      Currently, the Docker entrypoint sets the "hostname" option in
      chasquid.conf if it's missing.
      That works fine, except when there is a configuration change and the
      domain is removed. In that case, the hostname option will have a stale
      value, forcing the user to re-create the container, which can be
      This patch fixes the issue by unconditionally setting the hostname
      option to one of the available domains at the time of start up.
      Thanks to Jaywann@github for finding and reporting this problem on, and suggesting an
      alternative fix!
  16. 18 Feb, 2021 1 commit
  17. 28 Jan, 2021 1 commit
  18. 16 Jan, 2021 3 commits
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      chasquid-util: Remove dependency on docopt-go · 5c09138d
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      The docopt-go library is quite convenient, but it has been abandoned for
      a while :(
      Since we only use it for chasquid-util, this patch removes it and
      replaces it with a custom small parser, that is a reasonable fit for the
      required use cases.
      The patch also adds a couple of tests to increase coverage.
      NOTE: docopt-go accepted some undocumented behaviour, in particular the
      use of "-a b" instead of "-a=b". The new parser does not, so some
      user scripts may require updating.
      I think this should be rare enough not to be worth the complexity of
      adjusting the parser to allow it.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      dovecot-auth-cli: Test invalid arguments handling · def6e1ce
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch adds a minor test to dovecot-auth-cli to verify that the
      check for invalid number of arguments is working as expected.
      It's mostly for consistency, as the utility is only used for testing
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      expvarom: Add EOF marker, and minor documentation updates · 34b1f6cf
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch adds the EOF marker as required by the new specification, and
      also adds some links to it in the comments, as reference.
  19. 22 Nov, 2020 4 commits
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      gitlab-ci: Only run the image jobs if we have credentials · 887a1cef
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      The image jobs should only run if there are valid credentials for
      pushing the images to the respective registries, to avoid false
      negatives in the test pipeline.
      This can happen when the gitlab CI is run on projects that aren't set up
      to push docker images, either because they're clones of the official
      repo, or they are under a different gitlab instance (e.g. Debian's
      We do it by using a "rules:if" clause on specific variables:
      - for Docker, $DOCKER_REGISTRY_USER which is set externally
      - for GitLab, $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE which has the address of the registry
        tied to the project.
      Note that for GitLab we can't use the credentials for conditional
      execution directly, since they are "persisted variables" which are not
      available in this context (see [1] for more details). The
      $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE should be good enough to determine whether image
      registry is enabled for the repo.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      test: Ignore fexp in the regular Go build · aa9455c4
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      fexp is a testing utility, including it in the regular Go build confuses
      some automation as it can think it's part of chasquid proper.
      All other testing utilities are ignored via the "+build ignore"
      annotation for this reason, so this patch adds it to fexp to fix this
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      docs: v1.6 release notes · 78df715a
      Alberto Bertogli authored
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      test: Update haproxy test config · 8769e01f
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      The haproxy test config includes an obsolete "debug" entry, and is
      missing some timeouts which, while harmless in this context, cause a
      warning that can be confusing.
      This patch fixes the debug entry by running haproxy -d as recommended,
      and adds the essential timeouts to avoid the warning.
  20. 13 Nov, 2020 2 commits
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      gitlab: Export test directory as an artifact · a9d7e36d
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      To debug test failures, it can be convenient to explore the contents of
      the test directories after the test runs, as they contain logs and
      generated files.
      This patch configures the GitLab CI to export the repo tree (which
      includes the test directory) as GitLab CI artifacts, so they can be
      easily accessed after the tests have completed.
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      Implement HAProxy protocol support · e79586a0
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch implements support for incoming connections wrapped in the
      HAProxy protocol v1.
      This is useful when running chasquid behind a HAProxy server, as it
      needs the original source IP to perform SPF checks.
      This patch is a reimplementation of one originally provided by Denys
      Vitali in pull request #15, except the logic for the protocol handling
      is moved to a new package, and the smtpsrv.Conn handling of the source
      IP is simplified.
      It is marked as experimental for now, since we want to give it a bit
      more exposure just in case the option/api needs adjustment.
      Thanks a lot to Denys Vitali (@denysvitali in github) for sending the
      original patch for this, and helping test it!
  21. 12 Nov, 2020 3 commits
  22. 17 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Alberto Bertogli's avatar
      courier: Rename Procmail to MDA · 025cb2d9
      Alberto Bertogli authored
      This patch renames courier.Procmail to courier.MDA, to make it more
      obvious that the functionality is not tied to that particular MDA.
      It's just for readability, there are no functional changes.