Commit a1ca50ab authored by Alberto Bertogli's avatar Alberto Bertogli

hooks: Add mising quote in the example post-data hook

The example post-data hook was missing a quote around a sub-shell

This is harmless because the content itself is admin-provided and not
related to user input, but this commit fixes the quote for defense in
depth and consistency.
parent 0df2e325
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ if [ "$AUTH_AS" != "" ] && command -v dkimsign; then
&& [ -f "certs/$DOMAIN/dkim_privkey.pem" ]; then
dkimsign -n -hd \
-key "certs/$DOMAIN/dkim_privkey.pem" \
-s $(cat "domains/$DOMAIN/dkim_selector") \
-s "$(cat "domains/$DOMAIN/dkim_selector")" \
-d "$DOMAIN" \
< "$TF"
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