Commit 2e1e1883 authored by Alberto Bertogli's avatar Alberto Bertogli

travis: Enable Go modules in 1.11

Currently the modules are ignored in the Go 1.11 build, because the
files are within $GOPATH.

This causes problems when some dependencies are updated in
backwards-incompatible ways, and assuming that Go modules are being
used. In particular, the new protobuf release caused this problem which
was caught by the automated builds:

This patch enables Go modules in 1.11 builds.

Thanks to Jonas Seydel (thor77) for the help investigating and finding a
fix for this problem.
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......@@ -7,10 +7,18 @@ sudo: false
# Check against the version in Debian stable.
- 1.11
- 1.11.x
- stable
- master
# Enable Go modules explicitly on Go 1.11.
# Some packages update in backwards-incompatible ways assuming Go modules
# are in use, which can break the build unexpectedly.
# We can remove this once we no longer support Go 1.11, as it is the default
# in the newer versions.
- GO111MODULE=on
# This is needed because the repository has a Makefile, so travis won't invoke
# "go get" by default.
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