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# redirecttoken-laravel
Laravel integration for the redirecttoken PHP package
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Laravel integration for the redirecttoken PHP package
## Description
This package implements the redirecttoken ( for the Laravel framework.
This redirects website visitors to the URI with a 302 redirect. If an invalid request is received a 400 response is returned.
## Installation
## Configuration
* Publish the config
`php artisan vendor:publish --provider="RedirectToken\Laravel\Providers\RedirectTokenServiceProvider" --tag=config`
* Update your environment with a secret at least 10 characters long. This is a minimum length, the longer the string, the better.
* If you're using config caching, refresh your cache
`php artisan config:cache`
* Add the Service Provider
If you're using Laravel >=5.5 you can stop here. The Service Provider will auto-load.
For Lumen and Laravel <5.5 add the Class to your `app/config.php` config file
return [
// Other configurations above...
'providers' => [
// Other providers above...
// Other providers below...
// Other configurations below...
## Example
In your template just add the following directive into your `href` value
`<a href="@redirectUrl('')">Redirect To Some Website</a>`
## Extending functionality
The following settings can be updated by updating your `.env` file
### Forwarding Path
By default the forwarding path in your application is `/fwd`. This can be changed by using the following
### Hashing Algorithm
This uses the `sha256` hashing algorithm to generate the token. This can be changed with
### Query keys
The default query string generated uses the query parameters `uri` and `token`
This can be changed with
### Custom error page
You can customize the page returned when an invalid redirect request is received by creating a `resources/views/errors/400.blade.php`
### Events
The following events are used
* When a valid redirect is received - `RedirectToken\Laravel\Event\ValidRedirectRequest`
* When an invalid redirect is received `RedirectToken\Laravel\Event\InvalidRedirectRequest`
You can listen and handle these events by adding the following to the `$listen` variable in `app/Providers/EventServiceProvider.php`
protected $listen = [
'RedirectToken\Laravel\Event\ValidRedirectRequest' => [
Some example listeners are included and can be added to your app with the following command
`php artisan vendor:publish --provider="RedirectToken\Laravel\Providers\RedirectTokenServiceProvider" --tag=listeners`
## Site
## Author
* Alasdair Keyes -
## License
Released under GPL V3 - See included license file.
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