Commit cd0296ee authored by Alasdair Keyes's avatar Alasdair Keyes

Add in gitlab CI files

parent f04086c6
image: debian:stretch
- echo "Before script running"
- ci/
- test
stage: test
- prove t/*.t
- for TFILE in t/*.t; do perl -MDevel::Cover $TFILE; done
- cover +ignore_re ^t/.*t$
coverage: /^\s*Lines:\s*\d+.\d+\%/
apt update
# Project deps
apt install perl libemail-valid-perl libnet-ip-perl libdata-validate-domain-perl -y
# Test deps
apt install libtest-exception-perl libtest-exception-perl libdevel-cover-perl make libpod-coverage-perl -y
# test
prove t/*.t
# Test coverage
for TFILE in t/*.t; do perl -MDevel::Cover $TFILE; done
# Get coverage
cover +ignore_re ^t/.*t$
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