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missed main modules entrypoint

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module.exports = {
// These need love
IfNotSeen: require('./lib/after'),
Since: require('./lib/since'),
Timeseries: require('./lib/timeseries'),
Parse: {
// would like to move StatsD parser here, too
syslog: require('./lib/parse/syslog')
Input: {
StatsD: require('./lib/input/statsd'),
LineBuffer: require('./lib/line-buffer'),
watchFile: require('./lib/input/file-watcher'),
Throttle: {
// The API for these is inconsistent
InMemory: require('./lib/throttle/memory'),
InRedis: require('./lib/throttle/redis')
createMessage: function(payload, source, remoteAddress, localAddress, localPort) {
return {
payload: payload,
// this is more like "service": statsd, syslog, etc
source: source,
remoteAddress: remoteAddress,
// We may want to track localAddress too, if we're listening on more than 1 interface
localAddress: localAddress,
// We may have multiple listeners for the same service (statsd) on different ports
localPort: localPort,
var harbinger = require('../');
var harbinger = require('../index');
var moment = require('moment');
var redis = require('redis');
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