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  • v1.6.10
    a77be208 · v1.6.10 🎉 ·
    Release v1.6.10

    v1.6.10 [9/3/2020]


    • Created Fun/emojify: Emojifies a message. You'll see what that means.
    • Created Fun/gnulinux: I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux...
    • Music/play: forgot to disable it globally so i disabled it globally
    • Server/trainnetwork: This should theoretically work now. I don't have a dataset big enough to work with but the bot should be training the guild's network
    • User/userinfo: Sends an error when it errors. Duh


    • Moved websocket-related files to src/websocket/
    • config: added emojifyMode = false default setting
    • db()/message/misc:
      • Added emojify mode for when you're feeling extra memey and want to add emojis inbetween the response messages of the bot.
      • Separated the owo functions out from the export and made them their own thing at the bottom of the file. Same with the emojify function, which is essentially a copy of the owoify function but with emojis instead of owos
    • events/ready:
      • Updated websocket require
      • Uncommented brain requires and functionality
    • Package updates
      • aki-api v3.1.1 -> v5.1.1
      • node-gyp v6.1.0 -> v7.1.0
      • sequelize v5.21.7 -> 6.3.4
      • ytdl-core-discord v1.2.0 -> v1.2.1
      • zlib-sync v0.1.6 -> v0.1.7


    • Changed .env.default FAILOVER_WEBSOCKET_KEY to WEBSOCKET_KEY because there might be more than one websocket connection, not just the failover bot that i never use
    • Added src/brains to .gitignore
  • v1.6.9
    5f8cfd29 · v1.6.9 🚀 ·
    Release v1.6.9

    v1.6.9 [8/14/2020]

    Yes, I jumped one patch version, no I don't care, it's my code base I can do what I want with it.


    • Disabled functionality while in failover mode for the following commands:
      • Comics/webtoon
      • Economy/daily
      • Fun/akinator
      • Fun/trivia
      • Fun/urban
      • Misc/google
      • Misc/runcode
      • Misc/wolfram
      • Moderation/purge
      • Moderation/tempban
      • Moderation/tempmute
      • All Music commands
      • Server/movemsg
      • Server/stafflist
      • System/commandstats
    • Created Fun/mewhenbugs: Just sents a video of a funny tiktok I found. The command is hidden
    • Fun/shiritori: Fixed the rule reaction checking
    • Created Misc/say: Echos what you want it to say
    • Server/set: Added some help for users who incorrectly set the filter aggression level
    • Created Server/wordfilter: Manages the server's word filter
    • System/diagnose: Added diagnosis for failover mode-disabled commands
    • System/info: Added privacy policy (with dynamic mod log checking, i.e. messageDelete/messageUpdate) and failover info
    • System/power: Improved this
    • System/stats: Fixed a comma consistency issue
    • User/userinfo: if (await profile.badges !== false null)


    • Package updates:
      • sqlite3 v4.1.1 -> 5.0.0
    • Disabled some commands when the bot is in failover mode
    • Created per-server word filter functionality
    • config: Added three defaultSettings: wordFilter (false), filterDelete (true), and filterAggressionLevel (1).
    • db()/client/misc loadCommand: Load a command if it's been disabled in failover mode, but disable it globally. The reason the command is even still loaded is because the errors that will happen sometimes usually happen during command execution, not during loading.
    • db()/message/misc message.send: if failover mode, just send the message using vanilla message.channel.send(content, options) instead of using the modded version
    • Disabled the following events while in failover mode:
      • channelCreate
      • channelDelete
      • guildMemberAdd
      • guildMemberRemove
      • guildMemberSpeaking (which i need to remove anyway because it was meant for an experiment)
      • guildMemberUpdate
      • messageDelete
      • messageUpdate
    • events/guildCreate: Fixed new muted role create format
    • events/message: Check if failover mode is disabled before incrementing command usage
    • events/ready:
      • Checks for failover mode before enabling the status rotation and...
      • Added DBots page updating with guild count
    • Added cli flag --noDbotsUpdate which disables the DBots page guild updating
    • src/startup: Added SIGQUIT (^\) trap to quit cleanly.
    • util/sqWatchdog: Added word filter cleanup


    • Updated README.md to include installation instructions
    • util/dictionary: Removed A and I
    • util/trainbrain: Progress! The model actually trains now. I just need to implent a better saving system and we should theoretically be golden.. but here's the thing: in order to actually see if it works I would probably need to collect thousands of "bad" messages, which is problematic because the bot is so small.
  • v1.6.7
    0f470106 · v1.6.7 🐞 ·
    Release v1.6.7

    v1.6.7 [7/1/2020]

    Hotfix for tempmute and unmute commands

  • v1.6.6
    4ed30ef2 · v1.6.6 🔥 ·
    Release v1.6.6

    v1.6.6 [6/6/2020]

    Hotfix for badges


    • db()/client/user: changeBadges: fixed critical bug where the database is updated with the wrong information
  • v1.6.5
    0604e1af · v1.6.5 🔥 ·
    Release v1.6.5

    v1.6.5 [5/28/2020]

    Hotfix. Oops


    • message: Checks if deleteCommand === 'true' instead of a boolean. I hate that it does that lol I should probably change that
  • v1.6.4
    9de93823 · v1.6.4 🎉 ·
    Release v1.6.4

    v1.6.4 [5/28/2020]

    It's only been three days and I'm already putting out another update. This one includes like two new features.


    • Created Server/asar: Adds a self-assignable role to the database
    • Created Server/iam: Assigns a self-assignable role to yourself
    • Created Server/iamnot: Removes a self-assignable role from yourself
    • Created Server/lsar: Lists all self-assignable roles in the server
    • Created Server/rsar: Removes a self-assignable role from the database
    • System/eval: Added self-assignable role (SAR) require
    • User/userinfo: Now uses parseUser(args[0]) instead of mentions


    • config.defaultSettings: Created deleteCommand with default value false.
      • This is a setting that will delete the author's command message after they send it.
    • events/message: Added deleteCommand handling
    • Added db()/message/sar: The class that handles self-assignable roles
      • I've done something a little experimental with this: I added a property to the guild object: syncedDBs, an object that (will eventually) contain every synced/non-synced database. When any method is called, I check if that particular database has been synced. If it hasn't, it syncs it, and moves along with the rest of the function. If it already has been synced, it just skips over the syncing part to save on performance and jumps right to the core function. So far it seems to be working fine, although there may be a race condition that I'm not aware of since the method isn't technically async. We'll see... and even if, the message event should catch any not-created tables.
    • startup: On rejection, log the whole error object instead of stack which will sometimes not even exist.
  • v1.6.3
    d4f9a551 · v1.6.3 🎉 ·
    Release v1.6.3

    v1.6.3 [5/25/2020]

    Woooo! Second update in one month!
    I don't know if I mentioned this before but now that the bot is public (woo!) there will be updates coming out a lot more frequently.


    • Comics/webtoon: Changed n to the actual total number of steps. Oops.
    • Created Fun/shiritori: A game! This game I've been meaning to implement for quite some time now. Finally got around to doing it, and the part that I thought would be the trickiest wasn't actually that tricky. 214 lines. Not bad.
    • Created Fun/trivia: Another game! This one gives you Cubits if you get the answer right
    • Created Misc/coinflip: Literally flips a coin. that's it.
    • Created Misc/runcode: Runs some code on another server that I don't control, therefore I don't care about the output lmao
    • Music/play:
      • Removed psuedo-resume functionality because it just didn't work the way I wanted it to. Eh, not important enough to fix when there's already a command for it.
      • Also now gets default thumbnail instead of standard thumbnail.. for some reason there's a difference?
      • Runs v8 garbage collector after every song, just in case
      • Now uses a different youtube downloader; a python package with a js wrapper. Music commands are still disabled, and Hydrabolt hasn't responded to my request for help lol
    • Created Server/events: Frontend for managing what events are logged to the server's modlog channel, more described in the backend section.
    • Server/set: Added some help to the end of the display-all-settings message in case it was confusing to some people how to change a setting, which I plan on fixing by the way.
    • Created System/commandstats: Basic information gathering on what commands are being used how many times. Completely anonymous, but also gives users the option to opt-out of this data collection, or opt back in if they so choose.
    • System/invite: Actual invite link instead of a generated one, and it uses actual permissions instead of just Administrator, which really shouldn't be given to bots.
    • User/mood: Bold was fixed


    • Package updates!
      • @discordjs/opus v0.2.1 -> 0.3.2
      • discord.js v12.1.1 -> v12.2.0
      • parse-duration v0.3.2 -> v0.4.4
      • sequelize v5.21.3 -> v5.21.7
      • ytdl-core-discord v1.0.3 -> v1.2.0
      • eslint v6.7.2 -> 7.0.0
    • Event logging! Servers now have the chance to log certain events on the server. These include, message editing, message deletion, channel creation, channel deletion, when a user joins, and when a user leaves. I plan on adding more when I have the motivation to.
    • Command stats logging! The bot now collects ANONYMOUS DATA about what commands are being used and how often they are. Users have the option to OPT OUT if they so choose. I swear if Discord comes for my ass..
    • db()/client/user: The bot now recognizes that a user's table may not exist, so it catches it and creates one then runs the function again with the newly-created table. If even that doesn't work, there's a catch block in the message event that will handle it and tell the user to wait a bit before doing the command again. This is so the sqWatchdog has a chance to roll through and clean up the databases
    • Events:
      • + guildMemberAdd: For guild event logging
      • + guildMemberRemove: For guild event logging
      • * message: xpLockSet is no longer a part of the client object because it wasn't used anywhere other than the message event. Also cleaned up the bit that logs the command because it was an absolute mess of template literals that would drive any developer insane.
      • * ratelimit -> rateLimit: Just a file rename. that's all
      • * ready: Now shows what version the bot is on when it starts up
    • index: process.title = 'LWBot' to make it stand out on ps ax. (Debug mode just adds on a [DEBUG MODE] to the title.)
    • util/prettyFlags: Added pretty events for use in the events command


    • The CI image is now a Debian image because there were some missing packages that the build script had.
    • I switched the license to MIT instead of AGPLv3
    • Added a dictionary with 172820 words for the shiritori command. No, I didn't type those all myself, thank god
    • util/findandedit no longer exits with code 1 if it notices the ytdl-core-discord versions aren't in shape, although I haven't noticed any issues on this new version so I might remove this small script.
  • v1.6.1
    5963805f · v1.6.1 🔥 ·
    Release v1.6.1

    v1.6.1 [5/1/2020]

    Hot fix because perm levels weren't working correctly. Also has a few other bug fixes.


    • Music/play: Reduced fee from 1000 Cubits to 100 Cubits
    • Server/trainnetwork: Commented out some stuff till the library devs fix their bug. Command still disabled.
    • System/eval: Remove puppeteer-core require
    • System/sudo: Now uses message.functions.parseUser(args[0]) to get user. This allows for mentions/IDs
    • System/permlvel -> User/permlevel


    • config
      • defaultSettings.capsWarnEnabled: now disabled by default
      • defaultSettings.xpLevelUpEnabled: now disabled by default
      • Fixed some permission level parsing. Forgot to add in the .cache when accessing role managers. This affected the ability for the bot to find if a user had a role, and thusly set their permission level
      • Added level 6 & 7 permission level placeholders
    • dbFunctions/client/misc: client.permlevel: Removed a line that was causing issues
    • dbFunctions/message/misc: Fixed message.functions.parseUser() user finding. Again, forgot cache. Also added in Class instanceof checking
    • Events: message: Re-emits a message instead of telling the user to rerun the command if a table hasn't been created yet.


    • Changed some wording in the docs settings
    • Changed name of currency: Kowoks -> Cubits
  • v1.6.0
    064d78af · v1.6.0 🎉 ·
    Release v1.6.0

    v1.6.0 [4/29/2020]

    Woo first release of the year! Only four months in lol
    In total there were 172 commits, not including this one.


    • A bunch of commands got updates from discord.js v11 to v12. If that's the only change, it's not listed here.
    • Comics/webtoon: Changed from puppeteer to cheerio/node-fetch. Much better than spinning up a whole new chromium process lol
    • Comics/xkcd: Fixed the NaN bug, fixed json.num bug, etc
    • Economy/eco: Fixed some bugs, made it prettier
    • Economy/getbal: Fixed some bugs, made it prettier
    • Fun/akinator: Completely rewrote the command
    • Fun/ascii: Disabled this command because it unnecessarily requires a c++ package that I cannot build for some reason
    • Fun/cowsay: Added disable reason: This literally made a call to my machine's cowsay command. As there is no safe way to sanitize input like this, the command is disabled until I can find a suitable package replacement
    • Deleted Fun/kiss command
    • Fun/slots: worked on this a bit more. Still not enabled, but closer to being done.
    • Fun/sparkle: Not sure what changed here but apparently something did so I'm including it in this changelog. Let's just say bug fixes.
    • Fun/urban: Moved from snekfetch to node-fetch
    • Added google command
    • Moderation commands: discord.js v12 changes, wording changes (user/member), added reasons for the audit logs
    • Moderation/modlogs: Added the ability to start in the middle and scroll from there
    • Moderation/purge: Can now purge more than 100 messages, but less than 500 for performance.
    • Moderation/voicekick/voiceban: Used Discord's built-in disconnect feature instead of the move-user-to-channel-then-delete method
    • Added Moderation/votekick command, and disabled it due to lack of willing testing participants.
    • Disabled Music commands. For some odd reason, it now stops playing after a few songs and locks the entire thread. This is something I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix, and D.js support is not helpful.
    • Server/addemote: Added attachment support
    • Server/announce: Removed no-subs and color arguments
    • Server/guildinfo: Added some new fields: guild description, guild boost count, and features.
    • Created unfinished Server/owomode command.
    • Created Serve/reset command: Will leave the server, and in the process remove the guild's database.. hence a "reset"
      • Only accessible to Bot Commander and up
    • Created Server/trainnetwork command: This was supposed to be a way for guild owners to detect bad messages on their servers by way of a neural network. Unfortunately, it seems the network doesn't wanna train when I tell it to. Not only that but the package's README file provides an example that doesn't work. I dont know what to do, so I'm disabling it and it's associated backend child_process training file.
    • System/diagnose: Added support for database enable/disable as well as reason as to why it's disabled if it is.
    • System/help: Rewrote this command so it doesn't DM the user a wall of text. It's more now like Tatsumaki's help command.
    • System/stats: Moved to os.uptime() instead of a call to the system's uptime -p which doesn't even work if you're not on linux.
    • Created System/support command: Just redirects the user to the support server
    • Tags commands: Required tags directly instead of from the client object
    • Created User/mood command: Allows the user to set their mood on their user profile
    • User/userinfo: Added support for custom statuses.


    • index: Added help cli flag
    • index: Stops the user if running the script as root. If the user really wants to run the bot as root, there's a new flag: --forceRoot. This will bypass the check-exit, and there's now a huge warning text that appears before the bot starts up.
    • Moved settings from one big export to multiple class-related methods
    • Removed Tags database from client object
    • config: String keys to regular keys
    • config: Added DJ perm level, for use with Music commands (which are currently disabled)
    • Every database's transaction type is now immediate to crack down on locked databases
    • Added events database: Adds mod_log support to some d.js events (currently no way to change data outside of eval command)
    • events:
      • channelCreate: Guild events support
      • Created channelDelete: Guild events support
      • Created guildDelete: Will delete guild database and client.settings presence when the bot is removed from a guild
      • Created guildMemberSpeaking: A test to see if receiving voice data was possible. Now that it is, I'll eventually be adding in voice command support. Hopefully.
      • message:
        • Fixed a critical bug where the permlevel method was never actually called when checking to see if a command was disabled for the server
        • Added some cooldown messages
        • Checked to see if a command succeeded before adding user to the cooldown set
        • Fixed a bug where if a database's table hadn't yet been created, it would be created the next time a command was run. The bot also lets the user know of this.
        • Removed database cleanups from this file because sqWatchdog already handles it
      • Created messageDelete: Guild events support
      • messageUpdate: Guild events support
      • ready: Updated paths for failover websocket, delete some temporary keys from the client object
    • If not running in debug mode, process.env.NODE_ENV = 'production'. Apparently this speeds some packages up by a bunch. Every millisecond counts.
    • Event/command loading logging is now hidden in verbose mode.
    • util/cleanperms -> util/prettyFlags: Added guild feature flags, added guild boost tiers
    • sqWatchdog: Added events db cleanup, fixed XP v8 memory allocation bug,
    • Removed GIPHY key from .env
    • Packages:


    • Updated copyright to include 2020
    • Something about .eslintrc.json? Not sure what changed but it's showing up in the diff so it's here too.
    • Ignored src/te?mp in .gitignore
    • .gitlab-ci.yml:
      • Set image to node:12.16.1
      • License scanning
      • Run findandedit.js before the ci suite
      • Moved script to npm test instead of in the ci file itself
    • Added .yarnclean (i forget what this does but im too afraid to remove it)
    • Added some docs so people aren't as confused anymore
    • Removed terminal module
    • Created util/findandedit.js: This manually edits lines of code in the ytdl-core directory to change the dependency path. Added as a postinstall script.
  • v1.5.9
    64ecea5f · v1.5.9 🎉 ·
    Release v1.5.9

    v1.5.9 [10/24/2019]


    • Comics/webtoon: Added backwards compatibility in case users still type "featured" or "discovery"
    • Fun/cowsay: Disabled while I find a way to not run cowasy directly on my rpi
    • System/help: Newline for description if user doesnt have access
    • System/power: Reboot now checks proper pm2 environment variable
    • Tags: Consistent emoji scheme 📝
    • Misc/avatar -> User/avatar
    • Economy/rep -> User/rep
    • Server/userinfo -> User/userinfo


    • Failover websocket. Process 1 is running. Process 2 connects to p1 via websocket. P2 detects p1 has gone offline via broken websocket connection. P2 starts clone of P1 with reduced features (planned!) and waits for p1 to come back. Once p1 comes back, p2 restarts and waits for p1 to go down again.
    • Packages
    • dbFunctions
      • client
        • misc
          • Deleted client.inspect() because it was causing issues with console.log and such
        • user
          • index -> startup
          • whitespace changes
          • badges: actually shows where to update the row in the database
      • message
        • misc
          • owomode: check to make sure message is in a guild
          • owomode: remove owo'ing of things that have a url. This does not apply to field values.
          • owomode: replaceAll -> replace(/${letter}/g)
    • Events
      • message
        • Remove the split for caps checking
        • Added some more ping-but-no-command responses
        • If there isn't a guild in the message, the permlevel is 0, regardless of bot config status.
      • ready
        • Failover websocket support
    • src/failover: Process 2 source
    • src/util/ws-failover-server: Process 1 failover websocket server source
    • index.js -> startup.js, because the failover starts a process but via a module.export from index (startup, now)
    • startup: Not-current-day log compression to save space
    • Logger: Outputs if process is in failover mode too; +ws export
    • sqWatchdog: Checks for a guild that doesn't have a database. If not, create one.
    • Added "Playing with da bois" status


    • .env.default FAILOVER_WEBSOCKET_KEY key now exists for the failover websocket to authenticate with itself.
    • .eslintrc: disabled no-empty, which was basically just eslint having a cow every time i left an if statement or for loop open
    • Deleted .gitmodules
    • Changed around the working for README.md
    • Created /modules/README.md, just for some clarification of what's in there
    • Renamed PACKAGE_WHY to packages
    • Bot-wide: avatarURL -> displayAvatarURL because displayAvatarURL shows the default blue Clyde if the user hasnt set their avatar yet
    • Bot-wide: client.verbose -> client.logger.verbose
  • v1.5.7
    9664a297 · v1.5.7 🎉 ·
    Release v1.5.7

    v1.5.7 [7/7/2019]


    • Webtoons/search -> Comics/webtoon: Renamed discover to canvas, while still keeping discover there for those that forget the update happened
    • Added Comics/xkcd: Fetches an xkcd comic
    • Economy/eco: Added support for the user profile class
    • Economy/getbal: Added support for the user profile class and re-enabled the command
    • Economy/rep: Bug fixes, and a cooldown of 1 day
    • Fun/lenny: Hid the command
    • Misc/avatar: avatarURL -> displayAvatarURL: Still displays if a user does not have an avatar.
    • Deleted Misc/google
    • Moderation/ban: Settings support
    • Moderation/hackban: Settings support
    • oh fuck it most of the moderation commands now have settings support. my fingers are getting tired
    • Music: Settings & accent color support
    • Music/queue: Redid the shuffle function, without using a whole extra library
    • Server/announce: Bug fixes
    • Server/commandconf: Edited passive agressive bot admin shaming
    • Server/quote: Changed message jump from field to author
    • System/set -> Server/set: Complete rewrite. It looks so much better now
    • Server/userinfo: User profile class support
    • System/eval: Added packages to require, added eval error handling
    • System/info: Added thanks to my testers
    • System/ping: Now just normal text instead of an embed.
    • System/stats: Benchmarks now relies on a flag in the command instead of config.verboseMode
    • Added System/sudo: Perform a command as another user
    • Fun/akinator, Fun/urban, Moderation/case, Server/levels, Server/membercount, Server/role, Server/stafflist, System/help, System/invite, System/stats: Accent color support


    • Added accent color support as a server setting
    • Created user profiles (as a class): a mood, badges, kowoks, and reputation
    • Added user profile class
    • message.send(): Dont error, just reject on empty message
    • Added embed support for owoMode
    • dbFunctions/message/settings: If guildID is a guild object, convert it into a guild id.
    • Events/channelCreate: Removed permission syncing for categories. This overrode all per-channel permissions with the bot's own.
    • Events/guildCreate: Replaced makeshift settings creation with the sqWatchdog's runner
    • Events/message:
      • Redid settings retrieval. Now gets from the client.settings object, which is verified at ready event
      • Added mention prefixes, finally
      • Bot responds if prefix but no command
      • Accent color support
      • Randomized cooldown messages
      • Try/catch for command running
    • Events/ready: Runs through sqWatchdog once before creating the interval
    • index:
      • Removed sentry
      • Added --noFileLog argument, which doesn't output logs to a file
      • Exported the client for use in other files
      • Creates folders for the current day's logs
      • process.on('SIGINT') -> process.on('beforeExit')
    • Logger: Every method now logs to a file.
    • sqWatchdog: You can either do per-server or entire server/ database cleanups


    • Added CONTRIBUTING.md
    • Added PACKAGE_WHY.md - Explains why I have all those packages
    • modules/terminal: formatting.. at this point I might as well just not support it anymore. It's useless to me.
    • Updated / added packages:
      • aki-api: 2.1.1 -> 3.1.1
      • Added @discordjs/uws v11.149.1
      • Added command-line-args v5.1.1
      • discord.js: 11.5.0 -> 11.5.1
      • dotenv: 7.0.0 -> 8.0.0
      • enmap: 4.8.1 -> 5.1.0
      • Added erlpack
      • Added ffmpeg-binaries v4.0.0
      • Removed google
      • Added node-opus v0.3.2
      • sequelize: 4.43.0 -> 5.12.1
      • simple-youtube-api: 5.1.1 -> 5.2.1
      • sqlite3: 4.0.6 -> 4.0.9
      • Replaced ytdl-core with ytdl-core-discord v1.0.3
    • Package: added build-node-opus script for Debian-based systems
    • Added Nen to Bot Support
    • defaultSettings:
      • Added capsWarnEnabled
      • Added xpLevelUpEnabled
      • Added xpLevelUpMessage
      • Added accentColor
      • Added owoMode
    • Statuses:
      • Added Playing with Gallium
      • Removed Playing with Chris McCoy @ Safely Endangered
      • Added Playing on a Raspberry Pi
      • Added Watching an unhealthy amount of anime
    • Yarnpkg support
  • v1.5.4
    00f73f4c · v1.5.4 🎉 ·
    Release v1.5.4

    v1.5.4 [6/13/2019]


    • Added Economy/rep command - Adds a reputation point to a user
    • Added Misc/convert - Converts a unit to another unit
    • Added Misc/wolfram - Polls data from the wolfram API. Currently limited to a few thousand queries per month
    • Server/levels: Added in user level from db
    • System/eval: Changed around some requires, got rid of hastebin posting because it was returning 503.. aka not my problem.
    • System/help: Finds individual help from alias as well as normal command
    • Webtoons/search: Searches a webtoon comic. This is what I've been trying to do since the beginning of this huge project.


    • channelCreate: I think I fixed the spam-role-create bug.
    • Added guildMemberUpdate but it's literally just to check if the owner is streaming, and to set the bot's own status as streaming to owner's stream url.
    • message: Added cooldown support - cooldowns are assigned to the d.js User object.
    • ready: Added support for guildMemberUpdate reasoning


    • Changed the name of the modules path: modules => dbFunctions
    • Some emoji changes
    • A cooldown system! Tacked onto the d.js User object, and the cooldowns are customized per command.
    • config: Modes are now booleans instead of flags. They're now controlled by command-line-arguments
    • Added my own personal User class to help with balance and rep and such. I plan on adding in a whole profile system with moods, badges, and reputation
    • Removed bank file in favor of the custom User class
    • Had to disable a feature of the database watchdog, see issue #3 #3


    • Deleted emojiLog
    • Deleted roleAssign
    • Deleted wtc


    • index:
      • Simplified wrong-node error message
      • Added sentry.io support.. I'm finding I'm not really using it all that much although it seemed cool. Will probably remove it.
      • Added command-line-arguments instead of my own makeshift cli parsing technique.
      • Added support for CI
    • Added some variables to .env.default
    • Added a CI, finally
    • Separated out the webhook data and web panel into their own repos, then submodule'd them here
    • Changed around the README
    • Updated / added some packages
    • Switched to yarnpkg
  • v1.5.3
    8b00f9f8 · 1.5.3 🎉 ·
    Release v1.5.3

    v1.5.3 [5/2/2019]

    Wow it has been a few months since the last one of these. From the last release to now, there have been 133 commits. 104 files were changed. I've also skipped a TON of versions. Because so much has happened between now and the last release.



    • bank: Moved this whole thing into its own file
    • src/modules/client/misc:
      • Checks for .loadCommand
      • Added prototype extentions to their own file (src/modules/client/protos)
    • src/modules/client/protos: created this.
    • src/modules/client/tags: This file now houses the tags database.
    • src/modules/message/commands: Support for per-server command configuration. Enable, disable, permlevel, the whole nine yards. Pretty neat.
    • src/modules/message/misc: moved message.send and message.functions into its own file.. here.
    • src/modules/message/modbase: Modbase database now lives here.
    • src/modules/message/settings: Settings database now lives here.
    • src/modules/settings/xp: Xp database now lives here.
    • Deleted src/modules/msgfunctions: Broken up into own files now
    • util/Logger: Added some more logging types (verbose, sqLog)
    • util/cleanperms: Just in case I ever need to clean some perms, there they are.
    • src/util/sqWatchdog: THE HOLY GRAIL OF MY DATABASE SYSTEM! Makes sure everything is in order and is working and is there. Cleans xp, settings, and commands.
    • src/util/statuses: Now a function module because I needed client to be passed to it. Added and removed some statuses


    • emojiLog: I thought I added this way earlier but I guess not. It's here now.
    • events/raw -> modules/roleAssign: Moved the role assign portion out of the actual bot and into its own file where it belongs. Not core functionality, does not belong in the core.
    • terminal: x === undefined || x === null -> !x
    • wtc: x === undefined || x === null -> !x ; ->



    • Economy/eco: parseInt(x) -> +x (Learned this one in a "confusing nuances of js" video), also changed to
    • Added Fun/akinator with package aki-api
    • Fun/ascii: ->
    • Fun/cowsay: ->
    • Fun/slots: ->
    • Fun/sparkle -> ; -> ; exports.conf.hidden = true
    • Fun/urban: Fixed shit
    • Fun/google: emoji changes
    • Moderation/ban: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Added Moderation/case: Allows Moderator to view case by ID
    • Moderation/hackban: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Moderation/kick: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Added Moderation/lock: Locks a channel for an optional temporary time, and for an optional reason.
    • Moderation/modlogs: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Moderation/mute: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Moderation/purge: emoji changes
    • Moderation/softban: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Moderation/tempban: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Moderation/tempmute: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Moderation/unban: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Added Moderation/unlock: Unlocks a locked channel
    • Moderation/unmute: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Added Moderation/update: Updates a case by ID
    • Moderation/voiceban: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Moderation/voicekick: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Moderation/warn: Negation changes, emoji changes
    • Server/addemoji: emoji changes
    • Server/announce: emoji changes
    • Added Server/commandconf: Configures guild-specifc command settings
    • Server/guildinfo: formatting, emoji changes
    • Server/levels: formatting
    • Server/quote: Added mention support
    • Server/role: formatting, bug fix
    • Added Server/stafflist: Lists the server's staff as configured by role permissions
    • System/diagnose: emoji changes
    • System/eval: Required backend changes, like database shifts.
    • System/help: Formatting, emoji changes
    • System/info: Changed it up a little
    • System/invite: Now uses d.js provided invite link generator instead of the jank one I had earlier
    • System/permlevel: Added DM support
    • System/ping: aliases
    • System/power: pm2 detection and support
    • System/registercmd: emoji changes
    • System/reload: emoji changes
    • System/set: Required new database backend and reconfigured command as such; emoji changes
    • System/stats: Support for macOS, need to create support for windows
    • System/sys: emoji changes
    • Tags/addtag: emoji changes
    • Tags/deltag: emoji changes
    • Tags/edittag: emoji changes
    • Tags/tag emoji changes
    • Tags/taginfo: emoji changes


    • channelCreate: Fixed million-role bug. Ended up being that as the bot cached new channels, it emitted the channelCreate event. This was especially so when the bot joined a guild it hadn't seen before.
    • guildCreate: Settings are now systematically created instead of manually; million-role bug fix; emoji changes
    • Removed guildMemberAdd. To add back at another date.
    • message: oh boi here we go *inhale*
      • Benchmarks! I can see how long shit takes from verbose mode stats command
      • Required new backend database configurations
        • Settings
        • Commands
        • Xp
      • Caps warning system
      • Xp / leveling system (thanks to Mee6's leveling formula)
      • Added check for exports.conf.requiresEmbed: fails if true and bot does not have EMBED_LINKS
      • I need to remove the database checks at the bottom thanks to the bot's own watchdog
    • messageUpdate: verbose logging
    • ratelimited: ascii warning
    • ready: checks to see if user is bot, if not, exits; Froth it Dan; new ready log


    • index:
      • Took init function out, it's just code now. Not a function. Not needed when I installed the walk package a while ago.
      • Moved .on's around
      • Now detects if sqlite3 package needs to be manually installs and installs it. Then exits.
    • webhook data: Updated.. but not recent.
    • websocket testing in progress! Havent worked on it recently but we're getting there.

    Music is back!

    Yes sir we have music again. Not finished, but it's mostly there. I need to integrate it with the currency system so that the server owner's balance gets depleted per minute of the song playing.

    • nowplaying: Shows currently playing song
    • pause: Pause current song
    • play: Plays and/or queues a song
    • queue: Queue control (list, remove, add, loop, shuffle, clear)
    • resume: Resumes a paused song
    • skip: Skips current track (1 user, skips. More than one, needs a majority vote.)
    • stop: Stop playback, clears queue, leave vc
    • volume: Controls playback volume

    Looking back on this release, I'm realizing it's created a whole half of the file. Possibly more. This update brings more functionality than any of the other features combined. Imagine that.

  • v1.4.8
    180dad60 · v1.4.8 🎉 ·
    Release v1.4.8

    v1.4.8 [1/3/2019]

    First release of 2019 \o/

    Command edit functionality

    A user sends a command. The bot sends the output. The user edits the command message to a new command. The bot edits the corresponding output.
    This takes into account embeds, message options, reactions, and sets them all accordingly.

  • v1.4.7
    5e5b7e70 · v1.4.7 🎉 ·
    Release v1.4.7

    v1.4.7 [12/1/2018]

    Yes, I jumped a few patch versions. Please don't shoot me. Changes since last release:


    • Added .env file and associating npm package to help with that
    • Configured files (like index and Fun/kiss.js) that require environment variables
    • Added requiresEmbed check: bot will check if command requires embed permissions and error if it doesn't have them.
    • Configured files accordingly ^
    • msgfunctions: Added various parsings (role, channel, member, user)
    • COMPLETE REVAMP OF PERMS: Added collection client.settings, then ran through every database and mapped the server ID to their corresponding settings. I then changed config.js to match (ex: const modrole = client.settings.get(message.guild.id).modRole)
    • Moved tags database into the client object.
    • config: removed tokens
    • config: debugMode is now a boolean that can be accessed directly from there. process.argv.includes('-d') || process.argv.includes('--debug')
    • index: Added warning for debug mode
    • index: changed debug to client.config.debugMode
    • modules/functions: moved tags database into client object
    • util/Logger: Colored some stuff, added debug logging. Only accessible through -d flag at startup.


    • Economy/slots -> Fun/slots: Fixes issue #1
    • Fun/banne: Joke ban
    • Fun/sparkle: Added role hierarchy check. If the target member's role is higher than the bot's, error.
    • Fun/urban: Fixed command. Wasn't working at all before, now it is. Removed broken npm package.
    • Misc/userinfo -> Server/userinfo: Generally cleaned up this code
    • Moderation/ : Fixed those commands. They were saying 'moderated undefined'.
    • Moderation/purge: Added this command. Have yet to loop per every 100 messages.
    • Server/role: Added this command. Gives information of role
    • Server/roles: Deleted this command. This was the role menu for WTC
    • System/diagnose: Cleaned this up. It isn't as ugly now.
    • System/eval: Also cleaned this up.
    • System/help: At this point just go to the commits:
    • System/registercmd: Added this. More backend, but this registers a command (client.loadCommand) just so I don't have to restart the bot every time I add a new command.
    • System/reload: Added file reloading
    • System/set: Added changing of client.settings through this, as well as updating the database.
    • System/sys: Kind of matches eval now, at least in styling. Same bash functionality, but cleaner and prettier. and smarter.
    • Tags/ : Changed backend of commands to match the tags database now being part of the client object


    • channelCreate: More muted role checks! Still not fixed though, dunno why.
    • guildCreate: On guildcreate, the bot now adds settings to the database. I should also have it add stuff to the collection...
    • guildCreate: Checks if it has the necessary permissions. If it doesn't, it errors (sends guild owner error info)
    • guildMemberAdd: Integrated the welcome portion with database settings
    • message:
      • args now uses the cleanContent
      • systemNotice fix, I was using prefix by accident
      • Checks to make sure the bot has permission to send embeds if configured in command.conf
      • Added another setting: owner role. I did this because many servers have multiple owners under the same role.
    • raw: Removed spoopy stuff, added back partnerships to role menu. Also, oops, i forgot to remove the kill list database stuff, apparently.
    • ready: Moved the huge playing statuses array into its own file! This freed up a lot of space in there.
    • ready: Now runs through every server's database for settings and maps it to client.settings
  • v1.4.3
    25f6a958 · v1.4.3 🎉 ·
    Release v1.4.3

    v1.4.3 [10/6/2018]

    • Just some backend stuff. I moved the commands into folders based on their category. I also added the walk package to help with this since fs doesn't have the native functionality to read directories inside directories.
    • Also fixed the help command. I accidentally removed the level argument from cmd.run in the message event, only because I thought no command was using it. turns out, help needs it.
  • v1.4.2
    80c7dc19 · 1.4.2 🎉 ·
    Release v1.4.2

    v1.4.2 [9/26/2018]

    A lot has changed.

    Per-guild settings

    Thanks to sqlite3 and Sequelize, I now have per-server settings. It's possible to edit, add, and delete these settings using the <prefix> set command. A website/control panel is in the making to make this a bit easier.. the syntax is a bit confusing on its own.

    Moderation Commands

    Ban, kick, mute, warn, etc etc. have now been created and they work. These commands also intigrate with the server moderation sqlite database

    XP System [In development]

    Created an XP system that that utilizes the server sqlite database. Gives 1 or 2 XP per minute.

    Currency System [In development]

    Scrapped the old currency system from djs.guide, created my own from scratch. Utilizes a global database. That's right, currency is not per-server, otherwise it'd be called XP, and I already created that. Now all I need to do is find some ways to implement them.

  • v1.4.1
    76c05eb4 · 1.4.1 🎉 ·
    Release v1.4.1

    [ No Documentation ]

  • v1.4.0
    571922ec · 1.4.0 🎉 ·
    Release v1.4.0

    [ No Documentation ]