Commit 06a3ea0d authored by Bonan Zhu's avatar Bonan Zhu

Disabled start scripts

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set -e
# Replace with the currect user id
sed -i -e "s|WORKSPACE_ID|/user/${JUPYTERHUB_USER}/lab|g" $HOME/.jupyterlab-workspace.json
#sed -i -e "s|WORKSPACE_ID|/user/${JUPYTERHUB_USER}/lab|g" $HOME/.jupyterlab-workspace.json
# Import the workspace into JupyterLab
jupyter lab workspaces import $HOME/.jupyterlab-workspace.json \
#jupyter lab workspaces import $HOME/.jupyterlab-workspace.json \
# --NotebookApp.base_url=user/${JUPYTERHUB_USER}
exec "[email protected]"
\ No newline at end of file
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