Commit b70202a8 authored by Linus Lewandowski's avatar Linus Lewandowski

Fix - Firefox does not send Origin for same-origin POSTs.

parent c34c3440
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......@@ -23,10 +23,16 @@ class OriginMiddleware:
def __call__(self, request):
if request.headers.cookie and request.method != 'GET':
if not request.headers.origin:
origin = request.headers.origin
if not origin:
referer = request.headers.referer
if referer:
origin = urlunsplit(urlsplit(referer)._replace(path='', query=''))
if not origin:
raise MissingOrigin()
if request.headers.origin not in ALLOWED_ORIGINS:
if origin not in ALLOWED_ORIGINS:
raise DisallowedOrigin()
return self.get_response(request)
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