Commit 97abf4fc authored by Alan Sparrow's avatar Alan Sparrow

Upgrade to Fabric v2

parent 750ada4d
......@@ -19,8 +19,7 @@ from __future__ import with_statement
import os.path
from fabric.api import cd, env, local, prefix, put, run, sudo, task
from fabric.contrib.files import exists
from fabric import task
'deploy': {
......@@ -37,68 +36,69 @@ CONFIG = {
def init_deploy(config):
def init_deploy(c, config):
base_dir = config['base_dir']
code_dir = os.path.join(base_dir, "ukair")
if exists(code_dir):
if'test -d {}'.format(code_dir)):
# Create program directory
sudo("install --directory --owner={} --group={} {}".format(env.user, env.user, base_dir))
c.sudo("install --directory --owner={} --group={} {}".format(env.user, env.user, base_dir))
# Create directory for log files
sudo("install --directory --owner=ukair --group=www-data --mode=774 {var_dir}".format(**config))
c.sudo("install --directory --owner=ukair --group=www-data --mode=774 {var_dir}".format(**config))
# Create directory for NOTAM files
sudo("install --directory --owner=ukair --group=www-data --mode=774 {var_dir}/media/notam".format(**config))
c.sudo("install --directory --owner=ukair --group=www-data --mode=774 {var_dir}/media/notam".format(**config))
# Create directory for static files
static_dir = os.path.join(base_dir, "static")
run("mkdir -p %s" % static_dir)"mkdir -p %s" % static_dir)
# Check-out application and create virtual environment
with cd(base_dir):
run("git clone")
with"git clone")
with cd(code_dir):
run("virtualenv -p python3 venv")
with prefix("source venv/bin/activate"):
run("pip install -r deploy/requirements.txt")
with"virtualenv -p python3 venv")
with c.prefix("source venv/bin/activate"):"pip install -r deploy/requirements.txt")
# Create web service files
sudo("cp deploy/{service} /etc/systemd/system".format(**config))
sudo("cp deploy/{site} /etc/nginx/sites-available".format(**config))
c.sudo("cp deploy/{service} /etc/systemd/system".format(**config))
c.sudo("cp deploy/{site} /etc/nginx/sites-available".format(**config))
# Create uWSGI service
sudo("systemctl enable {service}".format(**config))
sudo("systemctl start {service}".format(**config))
c.sudo("systemctl enable {service}".format(**config))
c.sudo("systemctl start {service}".format(**config))
# Add to web server
sudo("ln -sf /etc/nginx/sites-available/{site} /etc/nginx/sites-enabled".format(**config))
sudo("nginx -s reload")
c.sudo("ln -sf /etc/nginx/sites-available/{site} /etc/nginx/sites-enabled".format(**config))
c.sudo("nginx -s reload")
def deploy(config='deploy'):
def deploy(c, config='deploy'):
cfg = CONFIG[config]
init_deploy(c, cfg)
code_dir = os.path.join(cfg['base_dir'], "ukair")
with cd(code_dir):
with prefix("source venv/bin/activate"):
run("pip install git+ --upgrade --upgrade-strategy only-if-needed")
with c.prefix("source venv/bin/activate"):"pip install git+ --upgrade --upgrade-strategy only-if-needed")
run("git pull")"git pull")
# Copy web service files
sudo("cp deploy/{service} /etc/systemd/system".format(**cfg))
sudo("cp deploy/{site} /etc/nginx/sites-available".format(**cfg))
# FIXME Doesn't work with Fabric v2
#c.sudo("cp deploy/{service} /etc/systemd/system".format(**cfg))
#c.sudo("cp deploy/{site} /etc/nginx/sites-available".format(**cfg))
sudo("systemctl daemon-reload")
sudo("systemctl restart {service}".format(**cfg))
sudo("nginx -s reload")
c.sudo("systemctl daemon-reload")
c.sudo("systemctl restart {service}".format(**cfg))
c.sudo("nginx -s reload")
def upload(filename, config='deploy'):
def upload(c, filename, config='deploy'):
cfg = CONFIG[config]
put(filename, os.path.join(cfg['var_dir'], "yaixm.json"))
sudo("systemctl restart {service}".format(**cfg))
c.put(filename, os.path.join(cfg['var_dir'], "yaixm.json"))
c.sudo("systemctl restart {service}".format(**cfg))
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