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<p>The recommended output format is OpenAir. Tim Newport-Peace (TNP)
format should be used with caution; it is not interpreted consistently
by all software.</p>
<p>It's also possible to download just the selected RA(T)s. This
gives you the option of updating the RA(T) airspace on your moving
map without the need to change the main airspace file.</p>
<p>RA(T)s can also be download on their own, without the rest
of the airspace. This allows your moving map display to be
updated without changing the main airspace file.</p>
<h6>Airspace Types</h6>
<p><em>No-ATZ Airfields</em> are listed as training aerodromes in
section ENR&nbsp;5.5 of the AIP. (Most of the smaller airfields
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as a substitute.</p>
<h6>Temporary Restrictions, RA(T)</h6>
<p>RA(T)s are detailed in Mauve AICs on the
<a class="text-primary" href="">NATS AIS website</a>.</p>
<a class="text-primary" href="">NATS AIS website</a>.
RA(T)s can be downloaded separately from the rest of the airspace,
see Output Formats above.</p>
<p>Airspace data is updated every four weeks - see
<a class="text-primary" href="">Schedule</a>.
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