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Add SyslogFacility option.

This patch adds the SyslogFacility option to torrc. This option allows
you to customize the logging facility passed to openlog(3). The default
value will continue to be the configure time constant LOGFACILITY.

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o Minor features (logging):
- When logging to syslog, it is now possible to change the facility value by
setting the SyslogFacility entry in torrc. Fixes bug 25355.
......@@ -723,6 +723,12 @@ GENERAL OPTIONS
If 1, Tor will overwrite logs at startup and in response to a HUP signal,
instead of appending to them. (Default: 0)
[[SyslogFacility]] **SyslogFacility** __facility__:
When logging to syslog this option sets the syslog facility value. This
value affects all syslog-based Log entries. Consult the syslog(3) man page for
information about possible values available on your platform. Can not be
changed while tor is running. (Default: none)
[[SyslogIdentityTag]] **SyslogIdentityTag** __tag__::
When logging to syslog, adds a tag to the syslog identity such that
log entries are marked with "Tor-__tag__". Can not be changed while tor is
......@@ -32,6 +32,9 @@
#include "compat.h"
#include "util.h"
#endif // HAVE_SYSLOG_H
#include "torlog.h"
#include "container.h"
......@@ -1162,6 +1165,67 @@ add_file_log(const log_severity_list_t *severity, const char *filename,
* Helper function to convert a syslog facility string into its
* corresponding integer representation. Returns -1 if no valid facility
* value was found, otherwise returns the integer facility value.
static int
syslog_facility_from_string(const char *syslog_facility)
int facility = -1;
// Both CODE and facilitynames are defined in syslog.h.
CODE *code = facilitynames;
if (syslog_facility == NULL)
return facility;
while (code->c_name) {
if (!strcasecmp(syslog_facility, code->c_name)) {
facility = code->c_val;
return facility;
* Helper function to convert <b>syslog_facility</b> into a valid syslog
* facility integer. Returns the compile time defined default value if
* no value was set in torrc or if we were unable to convert the user
* defined string into a valid facility integer value.
static int
syslog_facility_value(const char *syslog_facility)
int facility = syslog_facility_from_string(syslog_facility);
if (facility == -1) {
// The user passed a syslog_facility via the SyslogFacility entry in
// their torrc, but we were unable to find the corresponding value
// in syslog.h. Since we are in the initialization process of the
// logging subsystem we cannot use the logging system itself to warn
// the user about this.
facility = LOGFACILITY;
return facility;
* Check if a given <b>syslog_facility</b> is valid. Returns 1
* iff the value is valid, otherwise returns 0.
syslog_facility_validate(const char *syslog_facility)
return syslog_facility_from_string(syslog_facility) != -1;
* Add a log handler to send messages to they system log facility.
......@@ -1170,18 +1234,20 @@ add_file_log(const log_severity_list_t *severity, const char *filename,
add_syslog_log(const log_severity_list_t *severity,
const char* syslog_identity_tag)
const char *syslog_identity_tag,
const char *syslog_facility)
logfile_t *lf;
if (syslog_count++ == 0) {
/* This is the first syslog. */
static char buf[256];
int facility = syslog_facility_value(syslog_facility);
if (syslog_identity_tag) {
tor_snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "Tor-%s", syslog_identity_tag);
} else {
tor_snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "Tor");
openlog(buf, LOG_PID | LOG_NDELAY, facility);
lf = tor_malloc_zero(sizeof(logfile_t));
......@@ -146,8 +146,10 @@ void add_stream_log(const log_severity_list_t *severity, const char *name,
int add_file_log(const log_severity_list_t *severity, const char *filename,
const int truncate);
int syslog_facility_validate(const char *syslog_facility);
int add_syslog_log(const log_severity_list_t *severity,
const char* syslog_identity_tag);
const char *syslog_identity_tag,
const char *syslog_facility);
#endif // HAVE_SYSLOG_H.
int add_android_log(const log_severity_list_t *severity,
......@@ -427,6 +427,7 @@ static config_var_t option_vars_[] = {
V(LogMessageDomains, BOOL, "0"),
V(LogTimeGranularity, MSEC_INTERVAL, "1 second"),
V(TruncateLogFile, BOOL, "0"),
V(SyslogFacility, STRING, NULL),
V(SyslogIdentityTag, STRING, NULL),
V(AndroidIdentityTag, STRING, NULL),
V(LongLivedPorts, CSV,
......@@ -3389,6 +3390,14 @@ options_validate(or_options_t *old_options, or_options_t *options,
/* Validate the tor_log(s) */
if (options->SyslogFacility != NULL) {
if (! syslog_facility_validate(options->SyslogFacility)) {
tor_asprintf(msg, "Invalid SyslogFacility entry: %s",
return -1;
if (options_init_logs(old_options, options, 1)<0)
REJECT("Failed to validate Log options. See logs for details.");
......@@ -4752,6 +4761,7 @@ options_transition_allowed(const or_options_t *old,
......@@ -5749,7 +5759,9 @@ options_init_logs(const or_options_t *old_options, or_options_t *options,
if (!strcasecmp(smartlist_get(elts,0), "syslog")) {
if (!validate_only) {
add_syslog_log(severity, options->SyslogIdentityTag);
log_warn(LD_CONFIG, "Syslog is not supported on this system. Sorry.");
......@@ -3687,6 +3687,7 @@ typedef struct {
* each log message occurs? */
int TruncateLogFile; /**< Boolean: Should we truncate the log file
before we start writing? */
char *SyslogFacility; /**< Syslog facility. */
char *SyslogIdentityTag; /**< Identity tag to add for syslog logging. */
char *AndroidIdentityTag; /**< Identity tag to add for Android logging. */
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