Unverified Commit c2fac2c6 authored by Alexander Færøy's avatar Alexander Færøy
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Enable disabled test that was disabled due to bug #23551

See: https://bugs.torproject.org/23551
parent 44dc4b73
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......@@ -6086,8 +6086,7 @@ struct testcase_t util_tests[] = {
COMPRESS_DOS(zlib, "deflate"),
COMPRESS_DOS(gzip, "gzip"),
COMPRESS_DOS(lzma, "x-tor-lzma"),
// Disabled for now, since it triggers #23551
// COMPRESS_DOS(zstd, "x-zstd"),
COMPRESS_DOS(zstd, "x-zstd"),
UTIL_TEST(gzip_compression_bomb, TT_FORK),
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