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Update tor.1.txt with the currently available log domains.

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......@@ -650,7 +650,8 @@ GENERAL OPTIONS
The currently recognized domains are: general, crypto, net, config, fs,
protocol, mm, http, app, control, circ, rend, bug, dir, dirserv, or, edge,
acct, hist, and handshake. Domain names are case-insensitive. +
acct, hist, handshake, heartbeat, channel, sched, guard, consdiff, and dos.
Domain names are case-insensitive. +
For example, "`Log [handshake]debug [~net,~mm]info notice stdout`" sends
to stdout: all handshake messages of any severity, all info-and-higher
......@@ -1258,7 +1258,10 @@ log_level_to_string(int level)
/** NULL-terminated array of names for log domains such that domain_list[dom]
* is a description of <b>dom</b>. */
* is a description of <b>dom</b>.
* Remember to update doc/tor.1.txt if you modify this list.
* */
static const char *domain_list[] = {
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