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Remove changes files for items already in 0.3.3.

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o Minor bugfixes (performance):
- Reduce the number of circuits that can be opened at once during the
circuit build timeout phase. This is done by increasing the idle timeout
to 3 minutes, and lowering the maximum number of concurrent learning
circuits to 10. Fixes bug 24769; bugfix on
o Minor features (compatibility, OpenSSL):
- Tor will now support TLS1.3 once OpenSSL 1.1.1 is released.
Previous versions of Tor would not have worked with OpenSSL
1.1.1, since they neither disabled TLS 1.3 nor enabled any of the
ciphersuites it requires. Here we enable the TLS 1.3 ciphersuites.
Closes ticket 24978.
o Minor features (logging):
- Clarify the log messages produced when getrandom() or a related
entropy-generation mechanism gives an error. Closes ticket
o Minor bugfixes (DoS mitigation):
- Make sure we don't modify consensus parameters if we aren't a public
relay when a new consensus arrives. Fixes bug 25223; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (man page, SocksPort):
- Remove dead code about the old "SocksSockets" option. To do so, the
SocksSocketsGroupWritable option has been renamed to
UnixSockssGroupWritable which does the same exact thing. The old option
is still usable but will warn that it is deprecated. Fixes bug 24343;
bugfix on
o Minor features (testing):
- Add a "make test-rust" target to run the rust tests only.
Closes ticket 25071.
o Minor bugfixes (DoS mitigation):
- Add extra safety checks when refilling the circuit creation bucket to
ensure we never set a value that is above the allowed burst. Fixes
bug 25202; bugfix on
o Code simplification and refactoring:
- Update the "rust dependencies" submodule to be an project-level
repository, rather than a user repository. Closes ticket 25323.
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