Commit e061ac8d authored by Christophe Gonzales's avatar Christophe Gonzales

[skip ci] updated Changelog

parent a6feb075
......@@ -12,9 +12,11 @@
* potential: API extension (`findAll`,`argmax`,`argmin`,`fillWith(pot,map)`)
* variable: new constructor for `LabelizedVariable` with labels as vector of string + `posLabel(std::string)`
* variable: new constructor with vector of ticks for `gum::DiscretizedVariable`
* variable: new methods to set bounds with doubles in `gum::ContinuousVariable`
* graph: API extension (`addNodes(n)`)
* graph: API change (`addNode(id)`->`addNodeWithId(id)`)
* Changes and bug fixe in in BIF and NET writer/reader
* Changes and bug fixe in in BIF and NET writer/reader
* Changed the code of instantiations' hash functions to make it compliant with windows mingw implementation
* pyAgrum
* wheels for python 3.3 and 3.4
* access to the new learning framework using `BNLearner`
......@@ -28,6 +30,8 @@
* agrum : doxygen helps structure and howtos
* pyAgrum : documentation of a large part of pyAgrum's API, export to <>
* o3prm : still in progress (see <>, <>)
* TestUnits
* fixed bug in RawDatabaseTable test unit
* act
* new command guideline for a few easy checks
* many bug fixes
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