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# aGrUM Changelog
## Changelog for 0.11.2
* aGrUM
* a lot of internal changes for CI in gitlab (especially for future automatic generation of wheels)
* learning: correct identification of string labels beginning with digits
* learning: labels from CSV are now alphabetically sorted
* fix an issue with sql.h
* pyAgrum
* notebooks as tests (now in wrappers/pyAgrum/notebooks)
* updating requirements
* some improvements in doc
* pyagrum.lib.ipython: emulation of 'pyagrum.lin.notebook' for ipython graphical console (within spyder for instance)
* pyagrum.lib.bn2csv: csv file with labels of variables instead of index (parameter with_labels:boolean)
* pyagrum.lib.bn2roc: use a csv with labels by default (parameter with_labels:boolean)
## Changelog for 0.11.1
* 2 typos found in pyAgrum.lib.notebook
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