Commit 2c1271b1 authored by Lionel's avatar Lionel

Removal of implicite use of PRMType constructor.

parent cd01998a
......@@ -912,8 +912,8 @@ namespace gum {
auto& elt = get(child);
if (PRMClassElement< GUM_SCALAR >::isAttribute(elt)) {
auto& attr = static_cast< PRMAttribute< GUM_SCALAR >& >(elt);
auto& old_type = slotchain->lastElt().type().variable();
auto& new_type = sc->lastElt().type().variable();
auto& old_type = slotchain->lastElt().type();
auto& new_type = sc->lastElt().type();
attr.swap(old_type, new_type);
} else {
GUM_ERROR(OperationNotAllowed, "unexpected ClassElement");
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