Makefile.maint: First cut to create a tarball.

parent 71216e8c
......@@ -21,6 +21,17 @@ copyright: Makefile.maint COPYING sgmls-1.1/LICENSE iso-entities/COPYING entity-
echo "----------------------------------" >> $@
cat entity-map/COPYING >> $@
tarball: VERSION = $(shell cat VERSION)
tarball: GIT_STATUS = $(shell git status --porcelain)
$(if $(wildcard ../linuxdoc-tools-$(VERSION).tar.gz), \
$(error "../linuxdoc-tools-$(VERSION).tar.gz tarball already exists. Skipping"))
@if test -z "$(GIT_STATUS)"; then \
git archive --format tar.gz \
--prefix linuxdoc-tools-$(VERSION)/ \
--output ../linuxdoc-tools-$(VERSION).tar.gz HEAD; \
else echo "$(GIT_STATUS)"; fi
# Local Variables:
# mode: makefile
# End:
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