Better use $global->{file}. Fix replacement size.

We better use $global->{file} to be displayed in the resulting file.
That is the file that was actually processed, even if the original
string did not contain a sgml suffix.

We also try to make files before and after final changes match in size.
Seems that otherwise we sometimes get mesages about corrupt references.
parent d844e585
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ $info->{postASP} = sub {
my $INFILE = shift;
my $msgheader = "fmt_info::postASP";
my $fileinfo = "info file generated after $global->{origfile} by means of linuxdoc-tools";
my $fileinfo = "info file generated from $global->{file} by means of linuxdoc-tools";
my $rawtexi = "$global->{tmpbase}.1.texi0";
my $texifile = "$global->{tmpbase}.2.texi";
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