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    Build mechanism migrated to debhelper. Remove tetex deps. Complete distclean terget. · 6406f58e
    Agustin Martin Domingo authored
    * Makefile.in:
      - Complete distclean target.
    * debian/{doc-base.linuxdoc-tools,linuxdoc-tools.doc-base}
      - doc-base.linuxdoc-tools renamed to linuxdoc-tools.doc-base
      - Removed linuxdoc-sgml entry. doc-base does not support it.
    * Build mechanism migrated to debhelper:
      - debian/rules: simplified and migrated to debhelper.
      - debian/control: Use ${misc:Depends} and ${perl:Depends}
      - debian/{postinst,prerm}.dependencies removed, they will
        be recreated by debhelper when building package.
      - debian/{postinst,prerm}: will only run mktexlsr on
        /usr/share/texmf when needed. Using dh_installtex seems
        an overkill here. debhelper will add the rest.
      - debian/linuxdoc-tools.info-base: new file with info file
        header, for dh_installinfo benefit.
      - debian/linuxdoc-tools.{docs,sgmlcatalogs}: new files
    * debian/control:
      - Build-Dependencies: Remove tetex stuff, rearrange and add
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