Commit bf514fb5 authored by Agustin Martin Domingo's avatar Agustin Martin Domingo
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Minor style changes in debug messages.

parent d4090565
......@@ -176,7 +176,8 @@ if ( -e $fragmaster_status ){
if ( m/^([^:]+):(.*)$/ ) {
$dirdata_last_status{$1} = $2;
print STDERR "\$dirdata_last_status\{$1\} = $2\n" if $debug;
print STDERR "fragmaster: Last dfm used for \"$1\": \"$dirdata_last_status{$1}\"\n"
if $debug;
} else {
print STDERR "fragmaster: Wrongly formatted line in \"$fragmaster_status\": \"$_\". Ignoring ...\n";
......@@ -368,7 +369,8 @@ foreach my $base ( sort keys %doit_basenames ) {
close BB;
die "fragmaster: No Bounding Box entry found in \"$tempdir/\". Aborting ...\n"
unless $bbox_line;
print STDERR "fragmaster: $bbox_line\n" if $debug;
print STDERR "fragmaster: $bbox_line\n"
if $debug;
# Fix Bounding Box and write corrected eps file.
$psfile =~ s/^\%\%BoundingBox:.*/$bbox_line/m;
......@@ -389,7 +391,10 @@ foreach my $base ( sort keys %doit_basenames ) {
delete $dirdata_last_status{$base}; # or leave empty otherwise
print STDERR "fragmaster: $base: [", join(',',sort keys %dirdata_last_status), "]\n"
print STDERR
"fragmaster: \"$base\" processed, current files with dfm: \n [" ,
join(', ',sort keys %dirdata_last_status),
if $debug;
open my $LAST, "> $fragmaster_status"
or die "fragmaster: Could not open \"$fragmaster_status\" for write. Aborting ...\n";
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