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......@@ -245,16 +245,7 @@ limit 100;
<tbody valign="top">
<tr class="row-even"><td>String</td>
<td>Upon completing the parameter value Pro will place single quotes ‘’ around the value.</td>
<tr class="row-odd"><td>Integer</td>
<td>Aginity Team will cast the variable as an integer datatype to the database.</td>
<tr class="row-even"><td>Date</td>
<td>Aginity Team will verify and cast the parameter as a date data type.</td>
<tr class="row-odd"><td>As Is</td>
<tr class="row-even"><td>As Is</td>
<td>Aginity Team will send the value exactly as written with no casting. This is often used when using the parameter to fill in database table or column names. See example 2 below.</td>
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