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......@@ -23,6 +23,24 @@ Interacting with Query Results
Reordering the Result Grid
Once a query has executed successfully, you may rearrange the columns in the Result Grid in order
to more effectively perform subsequent analyses. Rearranging the Result Grid is simple: simply click,
hold, and drag the column header for the column you wish to move. As you move it left or right, the
grid will automatically adjust to reposition the column.
.. image:: ../../Pro_Images/pro_query_panel_results_sort_before.png
:scale: 30
:align: center
:alt: Before rearranging query results
Once you are satisfied with the new position of the column, you may release the drag and the column will
lock into place.
.. image:: ../../Pro_Images/pro_query_panel_results_rearrange_after.png
:scale: 30
:align: center
:alt: After rearranging query results columns
Sorting the Result Grid
......@@ -44,6 +62,34 @@ already being sorted by that column, then the sort order will toggle between asc
Filtering the Result Grid
Data in the Result Grid may be filtered to make it easier to locate and analyze certain subsets of
the resultant data, without requiring you to submit an entirely separate query.
To filter the result grid by values in a particular column, bring your mouse cursor to the column
header for the column to which you wish to apply a filter. In the right-hand side on the header row the
filter icon (three horizontal bars) will appear. Click on the filter icon and you will be presented
with a pop-up menu that will allow you to enter your filter criteria.
.. image:: ../../Pro_Images/pro_query_panel_results_filter_popup.png
:scale: 30
:align: center
:alt: Popup displayed for filtering results
By default, the filter criteria will select a "Contains" filter, but several other filter types exist
and you may select any of them. Once you have selected the filter type you wish to apply, type the
filter into the text box. The results will immediately begin to filter.
.. image:: ../../Pro_Images/pro_query_panel_results_filter_applied.png
:scale: 30
:align: center
:alt: Results filtered after entering criteria
When a column is being filtered, a funnel icon will appear in its header. To remove the filter, you
may re-enter the filter mode by clicking on the filter icon (three bars) in the header row, and simply
delete the filter text.
Multiple columns may have active filters at the same time. To accomplish this, simply perform these
steps on each column.
Exporting results to CSV
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