Commit 350d4061 by agilob

Remove functional tests, I dont know what is does anyway

parent f012d191
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......@@ -37,16 +37,4 @@ build:
stage: test
- ./gradlew test
stage: test
- wget --quiet --output-document=android-wait-for-emulator
- chmod +x android-wait-for-emulator
- echo y | android-sdk-linux/tools/android --silent update sdk --no-ui --all --filter sys-img-x86-google_apis-${ANDROID_COMPILE_SDK}
- echo no | android-sdk-linux/tools/android create avd -n test -t android-${ANDROID_COMPILE_SDK} --abi google_apis/x86
- android-sdk-linux/tools/emulator64-x86 -avd test -no-window -no-audio &
- ./android-wait-for-emulator
- adb shell input keyevent 82
- ./gradlew cAT
- ./gradlew test
\ No newline at end of file
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