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Tunnels & Trolls
----------------[Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls]
== Adventures
*[A Beginner’s Guide to Tunnels & Trolls: The Necropolis of Death]
*[Banquet in Springwater!]
*[Al Kazar’s Caravan]
*[Naked Doom]
*[Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon]
* Castle Death
*[Buffalo Castle]
*[Arena of Khazan]
*[Dark Side of the Desert]
*[No Rest for the Weary at War]
*[Down in the Sewer]
== Upcoming
*[Vaults of K’Horror and Vampire’s Vault]
*[Elven Lords]
== Blogs
*[The Trollish Delver]
== Other
*[How to write a T&T solo adventure]
Gamebook Watchlist
_This is just my personal watchlist regarding gamebooks_
Books and Series
*[Choose Cthulhu]
*[Critical IF]
*[Der Weg der Wachtel]
*[Endless Quest]
*[Freeway Warrior: Highway Holocaust]
*[Malice from the Middle Vale]
*[Rise of the Shadow King]
*[The Wicked Wizard of Oz]
*[Romeo and/or Juliet]
*[To be or not to be]
*[Bloodsword: The Battlepits of Krarth]
* City of Thieves
* Destiny Quest
* Fabled Lands/Legenden von Harkuna
* Greystar
* Heart of Ice (Critical IF gamebooks)
* Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire: Choose Your Own Horrible History
* Maths Quest
* Reiter der Schwarzen Sonne
* Return to Firetop Mountain
* Sorcery!
* Star Bastards
* Star Wench
* Sword of the Bastard Elf
* The Rooms
* Verax - Das Experiment
* YOU are the Hero ISBN-10: 1909679380, ISBN-13: 978-1909679382
*[Fabled Lands]
* Monster Park
*[Steam Highwayman]
* Maelorum Von William Fincher
Lone Wolf (Magnamund)
*[Project Aon]
*[Sommerlund City Maps]
*[Kai Chronicles]
*[Oasis Archive]
*[Autumn Snow 2: The Wildlands Haunt]
* Autumn Snow
*[Grey Star 2 - Forbidden City]
Fighting Fantasy
*[Fighting Fantazine]
*[Audio Drama]
*[Titannica Wiki]
*[Amateur Adevntures]
*[Inital Stats]
Solo Games
*[Legacy of Dragonholt]
* Unbroken
*[Four Against Darkness]
*[English Eerie: Rural Horror]
*[Two-Fisted Fantasy]
*[Megara Entertainment]
*[Mantikore Verlage]
*[Spark Furnace]
*[Gamebook News]
*[Lloyd of Gamebooks]
*[James Schannep]
*[The Wizard’s Tower]
*[The Life & Times of a Gamebook Adventurer]
*[Jonathan Green]
*[Nerds gegen Stephan]
Recommended Amateur Adventures
*[Dungeon of Abkadev]
*[The Love Cure]
*[The Brewin’ Guide to Writing Better Gamebooks]
*[Dare YOU face the orcs? 80s game books Fighting Fantasy return]
*[Demian’s Gamebook Web Page]
*[The Interactive Fiction Competition]
*[Charter Font]
★★★ Fonts ★★★
Informations maybe relevant for a gamebook
Fonts Candiates
* ITC Souvenir _Commercial_
* Softmaker Sunset _Commercial_
* Vollkorn _Free_
* Charter _Free_
How to use fonts?
Fonts to Avoid
* Arial
* Times New Roman
* Helvetica
* Comics Sans
Best Practices
Must read:
1. User OTF if possible
2. Do not combine _italic_ and _bold_
3. User ALL CAPS or small caps as another emphasize
4. Do not underline
5. Use left aligned text
6. Check if kerning is enabled
7. Don’t center text
Fonts to Check
* Athelas
* Avenir
* Bell MT
* Book Antiqua
* Californian FB
* Calisto MT
* Century Schoolbook
* Charter
* Franklin Gothic
* Garamond
* Gill Sans
* Gill Sans MT
* Goudy Old Style
* Helvetica
* Helvetica Neue
* Hoefler Text
* Iowan Old Style
* Optima
* Palatino
* Seravek
* Sitka
= Everything Gamebook
This is a collecitons of links, books, ideas and everything else I don't want to forget aboute gamebooks.
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