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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • A11y
    Accessibility-related issues
  • Contributable
    Issues with work that can (potentially) be contributed back to Drupal or other FLOSS projects.
  • Contributed
    Tag issues where we have contributed work back to FLOSS projects (replace Contributable tag; the Contributed tag can be removed once the contribution is recorded in a blog or something.
  • Decision
    An issue that requires a decision be made.
  • Design
    Issues that should include a UX/design work or review.
  • Drutopia
    Issues related to Drutopia features or infrastructure, or are potential Drutopia enhancements (with tag Contributable).
  • IndieWeb
    Anything related to interlinking web sites in a broadly IndieWeb fashion, see
  • When an issue has uncovered something that should be documented in a user guide or the project wiki or anywhere else outside the issue queue.
  • An issue that has been abandoned and will not be completed.
  • An issue that is blocked for a reason outside Agaric's control.
  • An issue that has been tested and is ready to be deployed.
  • An issue that has been completed and is ready for a code and/or design review.
  • status::Test
    An issue that has been completed and is ready to be tested.