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......@@ -108,18 +108,7 @@ If any of these builds fail, one option might be to delete the remote tags (usin
#### 6 Fix Debian packages only
When there's a bug in the Debian packaging itself we can do a minor package version update. **USE WITH CARE!**
cd <provision source>
git commit
git tag <previous version tag>.1
git push --tags
TODO: We also need to update version numbers(as does), but only for provision. Maybe the script can get an option for it...
We don't create a release node on, just let CI create the packages and publish them as described below.
See [Creating a Debian mini release](/community/release-process/debian-packaging/#creating-a-debian-mini-release)
### 7. Creating release nodes on
......@@ -21,6 +21,31 @@ You need the following packages to build the Aegir Debian packages:
See also the section below on [Adding a new uploader](#adding-a-new-uploader).
Creating a Debian mini release
- Create a feature branch
`git checkout -b 3.11.x 3.11.0`
- Commit or cherry-pick the desired fix
- Update the version number in
- Update to debian/changes ( specify 'testing' instead of unstable)
- Commit
- Set a tag
- Push to gitlab
- Wait for the [pipelines on]( to complete (especially the publish job)
- Test the packages using the [testing repository](
- Promote the packages to the stable repository.
On the repo server as the reprepro user do:
reprepro copy stable testing aegir3
reprepro copy stable testing aegir3-hostmaster
reprepro copy stable testing aegir3-provision
reprepro copy stable testing aegir3-cluster-slave
- Merge the feature branch into the main branch
- Broadcast? Mention in the irc/matrix room. Maybe Twitter, email.
Building a package for a new release
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