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Cleanup, packages are uploaded and build by gitlab.

parent e1d089e3
......@@ -3,8 +3,7 @@ Building and working with the debian packages
Debian is one of the main supported operating systems in Aegir. For other
systems, see Operating System Support. See also the following instructions:
Debian is one of the main supported operating systems in Aegir. See also the following instructions:
* [Install using Debian packages](/install/#debianubuntu)
* [Upgrade using Debian packages](/install/upgrade/#upgrades-with-debian-packages)
......@@ -81,17 +80,9 @@ Building a branch package
Sometimes you want to have a test package for a given branch without going
through a full release. Here how it's done.
through a full release. This can be done by pushing the feature branch to GitLab.
You can then download the packages as build artefacts.
git checkout debian
git merge 7.x-3.x
git describe
dch -v 3.4~rc3+28-1
git-buildpackage --git-tag
This is also available in the Debian package as:
./debian/rules jenkins-build-auto
Installing packages manually
......@@ -145,29 +136,6 @@ the Packages file for
Adding a new uploader
To enable a new maintainer to upload to the Debian repository at, something like the following steps will have to be
Create a `~/.dput.cfg` with the following entry:
# See /etc/ for examples
login = *
# login = another_username
fqdn =
method = scp
incoming = ~reprepro/incoming
Next, GPG keys will have to be authorized to upload to the repository:
sudo -u reprepro -i
gpg --search-keys
gpg --fingerprint ; gpg --check-sigs # check if this is the real key
echo allow * by key 1234ABCD >> /srv/reprepro/conf/uploaders
Replacing an expired key
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