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      Finish the kaggle stuff · 7806fa57
      Adrian Marti authored
      I noticed that there is a bug with the nix ghc locale, you need to set LANG=C.UTF-8 for my code to work. Encoding this into
      nix is on my todo list. Next I will find some reasonable namespacing and generate some docs. Then I want to write a bit more
      into my readme. If I have time I can also fix my python semantics, because they suck right now and actually do some nice
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      Wrap in a nix package(after a week of pain and suffering) · c562fd2c
      Adrian Marti authored
      I have used the poorly documented haskell.nix nix library to make my stack project into a nix project.
      The code I have produced makes it seem like this was a very easy feat, but I have a lot of time reading
      the source code of that library and also gaining a better understanding of nix in order to produce that
      code. I don't exactly know what I'm doing, and I have said at many points "who cares, it works" and I think
      that is fine because I have better things to do. This was not fun at all, but it is necessary if I want to
      adhere to my own standards of making everything perfectly reproducible. Now the kaggle library is automatically
      included when I install iterbuild! At least adding new dependencies in the future will be really easy, because
      I have figured out how to do that.
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      Replaced String with LText, moved to protolude, discoverd path library, moved capabilties to front · abf49cd8
      Adrian Marti authored
      This venture has been a big fight againts compiler errors. Changing so many things at once has caused
      me to rewrite most of the Python and Capabilities code. It took somewhere around 10 hours, it is not clear
      whether it will pay off, but it is certain that the cost of changing it later would have been significantly
      bigger. I can now really start porting more of the code.
      Having only a single addContent function for the target path is I think completely sufficient for the time
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      Wrote python import code for arbitrary paths · bd84375f
      Adrian Marti authored
      I think I am going to push the 'capability based' layer more to the front. It will always be impossible
      to write a completely segment the IO monad in a reasonable way for all intends and purposes. So I need
      to write domain-based IO segmentation, so my python capabilties can do arbitrary IO. This is motivated
      by the fact that I need to check whether a file exists and I don't know how and also don't want to write
      insane amounts of boilerplate.
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      Fixed a few issues with my applicative code, implemented python apply for the most part · 5dfa1ced
      Adrian Marti authored
      I still need to fix some path issues with apply, see todo in the actual code. I learned the valuable lesson, that you can't
      at all deal with types f(a->b), at least it is impossible to generate them and I see no tangible benefit in doing so. Everything
      is more nice and tidy if we use f a -> f b, since we can now just take an element out of the first type. Note that the latter form
      can always be gained from the other one with the (<$>) operator. I now want to let the user stay inside the f a world as long as
      possible by using a typeclass-based prelude and then implementing the corresponding classes for f Int, f Bool, f String, etc.
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      Replaced an Int, yay!!! · 51fe09fc
      Adrian Marti authored
      I am now going to restructure the code a lot from 2 disjoint files where I experimented with stuff to something more coherent.
      Though I will also try to replace a function to see whether it works.
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