Commit dc24f01a authored by adam j hartz's avatar adam j hartz

fix shadowing of floordiv in hybrid number mode

parent 7eb163ff
......@@ -214,19 +214,6 @@ tako_floordiv = make_tako_op({'python': lambda x,y: x // y,
'hybrid': _exact_floordiv})
def tako_floordiv(x, y):
nmode = builtins.__tako_env__['TAKO_SETTINGS'].number_mode
if nmode == 'python':
return x // y
elif nmode == 'exact':
if any(isinstance(i, (float, complex)) for i in (x, y)):
return x // y
return Fraction(x, y).__floor__()
raise TakoError('Invalid number mode: %s' % nmode)
def get_script_subproc_command(fname, args):
Given the name of a script outside the path, returns a list representing
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