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# tako-plugins
This repository contains a collection of plugins for the tako shell (
* [Bookmark](#Bookmark) (mark and quickly move between directories)
* [Frecency](#Frecency) (better suggestions for misspelled commands, and a clone of `z`)
* [Van](#Van) (virtual environment management)
## Bookmark
Adds the `bmark` and `bgo` aliases. `bmark` can be used to quickly mark a
location, and `bgo` can be used to return to that location:
~ $ cd some/very/deeply/nested/structure
~/s/v/d/n/structure $ # oh shoot i forgot i wanted to go someplace else
~/s/v/d/n/structure $ bmark # remember this location
~/s/v/d/n/structure $ cd ~/someplace/else/entirely
~/s/e/entirely $ touch foo # do some work
~/s/e/entirely $ bgo # quickly jump back to the marked location
~/s/v/d/n/structure $ # i didn't have to navigate here by hand! hooray!
`bmark NAME` associates the current directory with a name, and then `bgo NAME`
can be used to jump back to it.
Currently, bookmarks do not persist across sessions.
## Frecency
Overrides the built-in suggestions for misspelled commands with new ones based
on frecency (prioritizing commands that you use often, and ones you've used
Also adds the `tj` ("takojump") command, which is a clone of `z`, for moving
between directories based on frecency.
## Van
Adds the `van` alias for activating/deactivating virtual environments.
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